Aeronautical Engineering

  • I come from ATHENS – GREECE
  • I speak Greek, English and some Italian
  • I chose Polimi because I wanted to experience the academic excellence of one of the best universities worldwide and enhance my future opportunities in the aerospace sector
  • I like Polimi because it equips me with the knowledge and skills to pursue my passion. Equally important, I develop personally in various aspects by interacting with many international students, living in the beautiful city of Milan, and immersing myself in the rich Italian culture.




Agricultural Engineering

  • I come from PALERMO – ITALY 
  • I speak Italian, English and a bit of French
  • I chose Polimi because is one of the best university in Italy and in Europe for study and research. especially, agricultural engineering is an innovative programme that aims at using engineering for a better world
  • I like Polimi because it gives me the opportunity to meet very interesting teachers and students, with a great passion for their field and enlightening ideas. In addition, the university campus offers numerous services and extracurricular activities like “passion in action”, sports and company visits around the city



Automation and Control Engineering

  • I come from BOGOTÁ - COLOMBIA
  • I speak English, Italian and Spanish
  • I chose Polimi because it is renowned for its academic excellence and research activities, not just in Europe but all around the world, and for its big international community.
  • I like Polimi because I have the opportunity to interact with a lot of people from different places and to make new friends. The laboratories are equipped with very modern equipment, and the university has several partnerships with industy partners, which allows me to stay up-to-date with new technology




  • I come from ODISHA - INDIA
  • I speak English, Hindi, Oriya and a beginner-level German 
  • I chose Polimi becauseof its top-rank, esteemed faculty, and cutting-edge research facilities. Their focus on building a strong foundation aligns perfectly with my desire for a comprehensive education
  • I like Polimi because of its diverse student body, fostering a vibrant learning environment. The curriculum goes beyond technical expertise, developing crucial soft skills. This holistic approach prepares graduates for success in a dynamic job market



Biomedical Engineering

  • I come from BACĂU - ROMANIA
  • I speak English, Romanian, a bit of italian
  • I chose Polimi because pursuing a degree in one of the top 20 universities worldwide comes with amazing future shaping knowledge and opportunities
  • I like Polimi because it has a wide range of courses, activities and events that enrich your interests and allow you to develop yourself personally and professionally in any niche you want, while experiencing the international student life in the beautiful city of Milan



Building Engineering for Sustainability (former BUILDING AND ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING)

  • I come from TEHRAN - IRAN 
  • I speak English, Persian, Arabic, some Italian  
  • I chose Polimi because it is a multi-disciplinary university that aims at providing its students with professional training and a solid cultural background. it has excellent research facilities and distinguished faculty
  • I like Polimi because it is one of the best and most prestigious learning seats in Europe. A Polimi qualification symbolizes having achieved an ambitious objective, recognized and coveted by both students and employers equally



Chemical Engineering  

  • I come from LECCE - ITALY 

  • I speak English and Italian 

  • I chose Polimi  because of its reputation and rankings and I especially chose to pursue a MSc in chemical engineering here because of its strong research department, along with the possibility for scholarships. 

  • I like Polimi because of its international environment, offering the possibility to interact with peers from various cultural backgrounds. Milan is also a vibrant city, well know for fashion, business and culture!

Luis Fernando



  • I come from POPAYAN - COLOMBIA
  • I speak Spanish, English and Italian
  • I chose Polimi because of its global reputation in the engineering field, seeking a top-tier education. The university’s commitment to excellence and high global ranking assures a transformative academic journey and proper opportunities for success post-graduation which aligns with my career goals
  • I like Polimi because it not only provides a top-notch education but also fosters a vibrant and enriching international enviroment. The professional development is coupled with access to modern facilities and extracurricular activities which ensures a well-rounded student experience




  • I come from ARGENTINA
  • I speak Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese
  • I chose Polimi because it is one of the most renowned engineering universities in europe and the world. It gives me the possibility to study with people from all over the world making it not only a professional but also a personal growth experience
  • I like Polimi not only for the academic offer, but also for all the cultural and sporting activities they offer as a complement. moreover, the Lecco campus is located in a privileged place to enjoy Italy




  • I come from ANCONA - ITALY
  • I speak English and Italian
  • I chose Polimi because of its esteemed reputation in the field of engineering, being one of the top universities in Europe. The quality it provides guarantees the best opprtunities for professional aspriations after graduation, expecially in dynamic city as Milan
  • I like Polimi because it offers the possibility to meet passion driven students and teachers from all over the world, ensuring an enriching learning experience. Plus Milan is a vibrant city, full of possibilities yet it is very approachable once you get used to it



Electrical Engineering

  • I come from YAOUNDE - CAMEROON
  • I speak French, English and Mandarin Chinese
  • I chose Polimi because of its high world ranking in engineering (especially in Europe), its up-to-date program (easily accessible online) addressing current worldwide problems and more importantly, its adaptive and interdisciplinary teaching approach
  • I like Polimi because of the enriching opportunities it offers for cross-cultural interaction and forging new friendships with individuals from diverse backgrounds. The laboratories are equipped with cutting-edge technology that significantly enhances my learning experience. Additionally, its partnerships with industry leaders ensure that I am constantly abreast of the latest technological advancements (multiple seminaries) and give valuable offers to prospective engineers to start their careers



Electronics Engineering 

  • I come from NEW DELHI, INDIA  
  • I speak English, Hindi, Bengali and elementary Italian
  • I chose Polimi because it’s one of the leading engineering universities in Europe and it offers a dynamic learning environment and diverse extracurricular activities, fostering a well-rounded education that's beneficial for my future career prospects
  • I like Polimi because of its diversity which provides a unique cultural and intellectual experience and being located in the technical and financial hub of Milan offers many opportunities for students. In addition, the university campus offers various career-assistance services and extracurricular activities like “passion in action”, sports and company collaborations which help in upskilling myself



Energy Engineering

  • I come from MASHHAD - IRAN 
  • I speak English and Persian
  • I chose Polimi because besides the fact that it is a high-ranked and well-known university worldwide, it gives me access to different resources not only to progress my academic life but to find connections and develop my career as well
  • I like Polimi because of the many opportunities that it provides included the free additional courses we have access to, the career guidance that prepares students for job interviews in different ways, the polihub which helps the students that aspire building their own business




Engineering Physics

  • I come from VARESE - ITALY
  • I speak Italian, English, a little bit of Spanish
  • I chose Polimi because it’s one of the best research centers in Europe and the best technological university in Italy. The mixture between my love for physics and the high quality preparation offered by PoliMi, encouraged me to be part of this reality
  • I like Polimi for the multifaceted realities: people coming from different parts of the globe, all united by the passion for technologies and high tech fields. It offers a huge number of courses that give the opportunity to students to get in touch with innovative ideas and projects. Not only, there are a lot of events and extra courses organized by PoliMi itself, so the best way to meet new people!



Environmental and Land Planning Engineering

  • I come from NABI CHIT - LEBANON
  • I speak English, Arabic, basic Italian
  • I chose Polimi because of the high ranking the university has, and the wide opportunities after graduation
  • I like polimi because the studying atmoshpere is great, the social life is amazing, and the campus itself is so attractive and peaceful



Food Engineering

  • I come from ATRI (TE) - ITALY
  • I speak Italian and English  
  • I chose Polimi because it is the best university in Italy and one of the top in the world
  • I like Polimi because it offers excellent academic knowledge, a lot of possibilities like exchange programs, internships, job opportunities, leasures and training activites out of lectures  



Geoinformatics Engineering

  • I come from KHARTOUM - SUDAN
  • I speak Arabic. English, a little bit of Italian
  • I chose Polimi because I have always been fascinated by Italy and the italian culture, beside having it as a top-ranked university and one of the few that offers a geoinformatics engineering program
  • I like Polimi because it connects students to real-world employment and offers updated courses that reflect the present and future science. Apart from the welcoming italian community, the range of internationals enables me to meet new colleagues and broaden my knowledge by interacting with people from various cultures




  • I come from SHIRAZ - IRAN
  • I speak Persian and English
  • I chose Polimi because not only it offers exceptional education quality but also has strong ties with the industry which paves the way for future career pursuits. It guarantees to train academics and professionals by providing a distinguished board of faculties, well-designed curriculum and excellent educational and research facilities
  • I like Polimi because it encourages students to follow ambitious academic goals and at the same time offers many extracurricular opportunities that allows students to maintain a great study-life balance and experience a vibrant student life while doing their academic pursuits in one of the most prestigious universities of Europe




Management Engineering

  • I came from Cameroun but I was born in Turin
  • I speak Italian, French and English 
  • I chose Polimi because Politecnico is one of the best university in Italy and Europe. Moreover, when you finish your studies, you can find a job quite easily thanks to such a valuable degree
  • I like Polimi because of its international environment, offering the chance to meet people from all over the world and live a truly university experience .In addition to this, in Milan you can’t get bored!




Management of built environment & management engineering (internal double degree) 

  • I come from ISTANBUL - TURKEY
  • I speak Turkish, English, Italian
  • I chose Polimi because of its quality, reputation and the opportunities it offers
  • I like Polimi because of its quality and learning system




  • I come from TEHERAN -IRAN
  • I speak English and Persian
  • I chose Polimi because it's a top-notch technical university with a wide range of programs and strong industry connections. The innovative teaching methods and research opportunities really appealed to me, plus being in Milan offers a vibrant atmosphere for both academics and personal growth. It just felt like the perfect fit for my educational journey
  • I like Polimi because its diverse community and vibrant cultural experiences, alongside its emphasis on innovation and hands-on learning, make it an ideal fit for my academic goals



Mathematical Engineering

  • I come from ALMATY - KAZAKHSTAN
  • I speak Russian, English, Kazakh
  • I chose Polimi because of the strong program, the employment opportunities, the suitable curriculum
  • I like Polimi because it’s hard, interesting. I met a lot of international students, learnt new cultures and challenging myself everyday



Mechanical Engineering

  • I come from MODENA- ITALY
  • I speak Italian and English
  • I chose Polimi because it is one of the best University worldwide and moreover it is located in Milan, which is a city I have always dreamed of living
  • I like Polimi because of the excellent academic preparation that it offers and also because it is a perfect place to meet a lot of different people with many stories to tell



Mobility Engineering 

  • I speak Italian and English
  • I chose Polimi because of his prestige and because it prepares very well students to work at the maximum of their potential
  • I like Polimi because for the possibilities that it gives to students to study and work in the best condition in a fantastic and full of opportunities city like Milan. If there is any question on my course, don’t be shy and ask about it, I’ll be happy to answer you and to help you as best as I can! 





Music and Acoustic Engineering

  • I come from IRAN
  • I speak English, Persian and a little Spanish/Italian
  • I chose Polimi because it was the only well-known university in Italy with a Master’s degree dedicated to Acoustic Engineering
  • I like Polimi because of its diversity of people and events, lively atmosphere and practical approaches of teaching



Nuclear Engineering

  • I come from SESTO CALENDE - ITALY
  • I speak Italian, English and some French
  • I chose Polimi because it's the leading university in Italy for engineering and one of the best in the world. The university offers a great variety of top quality courses in many disciplines and gives thus the possibility to range over different subjects and explore what your most passionate to! 
  • I like Polimi because it's an international university with many established connections with university and companies all around the world. The lively environment offers incredible opportunities from an academic and professional point of view, as well as in terms of extra-universitary activities



Space Engineering

  • I come from JESOLO, (VE) - ITALY
  • I speak italian and English, I can understand also Spanish and German
  • I chose Polimi because it's recognized as Italy's foremost engineering university with a global reputation. The university provides a wide range of courses, allowing students to explore their interests. Polimi's standing as a top European technical school, its emphasis on diverse student collaboration, and its effective student preparation were key factors in my decision
  • I admire Polimi for its outstanding academic offerings, diverse opportunities like exchange programs, internships, job prospects, and various extracurricular activities. Polimi's diverse environment enables interaction with international students, while its extensive extracurricular activities and events have enriched my experience



Telecommunication Engineering

  • I come from TEHERAN - IRAN
  • I speak Persian, English and Italian a bit
  • I chose Polimi because of its reputation as a top technical university in Europe, and because of the opportunities it offers for research and collaboration with students from diverse backgrounds
  • I like Polimi becauseof its commitment to excellence in education and its focus on innovation and sustainability