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Prospective students

Costs and scholarships

The cost of studies

In this section you can find all details about tuition fees for bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, single-cycle master's degree and single courses. The Polytecnico provides scholarships and benefits to reduce the cost of studies.

University fees

Degree programmes

University fees for admission to Laurea (equivalent to BSc) programmes, to Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to MSc) programmes and to Single-cycle programmes

Curricular integrations and single courses

University fees for admission to single courses and for curricular integrations


Diritto allo studio and other scholarships

The benefits offered by the callo for University Financial Aid - Diritto allo Studio Universitario, and other scholarships

Scholarships for all Laurea and Laurea magistrale students

Scholarships for Laurea magistrale students with a foreign degree

Students enrolled in a Laurea Magistrale (Master of Science) programme have several scholarships opportunities