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Prospective students

Why Politecnico di Milano  

International students at the Politecnico di Milano, who are studying in English, have shared their opinions on the main reasons for choosing this university. Discover their insights below.

International community

Israa – Sudan: “Apart from the welcoming italian community, the range of internationals enables me to meet new colleagues and broaden my knowledge by interacting with people from various cultures” 

Juan Martin – Colombia: “I like Polimi because of the international and collaborative learning environment, being a journey that has provided me with invaluable opportunities for personal and professional growth” 

Sandra – Colombia: “I like Polimi because of its international atmosphere. It gives you the opportunity to create an international community, where you learn and share with people from all continents, with whom you exchange ideas and open your world view, appreciating diversity and learning to work/cooperate in an international environment”

Quality of education

Aditi – India: “I chose Polimi because of its top-rank, esteemed faculty, and cutting-edge research facilities. Their focus on building a strong foundation aligns perfectly with my desire for a comprehensive education” 

Abhronil – India: “I chose Polimi because it’s one of the leading engineering universities in Europe and it offers a dynamic learning environment and diverse extracurricular activities, fostering a well-rounded education that's beneficial for my future career prospects” 

High reputation among universities and employers

Luis Fernando – Peru: “I chose Polimi because of its global reputation in the engineering field, seeking a top-tier education. The university’s commitment to excellence and high global ranking assures a transformative academic journey and proper opportunities for success post-graduation which aligns with my career goals”

Ali al Rida – Lebanon: ”I chose Polimi because of the high ranking the university has, and the wide opportunities after graduation” 

Strong ties with industries and job opportunities

Cameron – United Kingdom: “One of the things I took advantage of at the Politecnico was the Career Service. Once I knew the deadline for my thesis which was mid-November, I decided to enroll into all the events that were organised by the Career Service or job interviews and company presentations, so in the space of two weeks I had something like eight or ten job interviews and this was even before my graduation day and this is really thanks to the career service because they organized it in such a way that companies search for the exact programme they’re interested on the platform of the career service. At the end of these two weeks I was lucky enough to receive an offer and to sign the contract even before graduating”

Panagiotis – Greece: “I chose Polimi because of its academic brilliance and the opportunities that its graduates have upon completing their studies in a wide variety of industries”

Hossein – Iran: “I chose Polimi because not only it offers exceptional education quality but also has strong ties with the industry which paves the way for future career pursuits. It guarantees to train academics and professionals by providing a distinguished board of faculties, well-designed curriculum and excellent educational and research facilities”

Kiana – Iran: “I chose Polimi because it's a top-notch technical university with a wide range of programs and strong industry connections. The innovative teaching methods and research opportunities really appealed to me, plus being in Milan offers a vibrant atmosphere for both academics and personal growth. It just felt like the perfect fit for my educational journey”

Passionate professors and quality of research

Santiago – Ecuador: “It introduced a completely different methodology that the one I had been used to throughout my entire academic life. Professors at Polimi boast great academic profiles, with many actively engaged in cutting-edge research addressing global concerns. It also provided a dynamic and forward-thinking atmosphere in which students could take part of. It was a very challenging experience, yet immensely rewarding.  This unique academic experience journey played a crucial role in shaping both my academic and professional growth.”

Extracurricular and cultural activities

Hazal Zeynep – Turkey: “I chose Polimi because we can involve in many extracurricular activities in the programs, and this provides a rich experience in which you experience in an international atmosphere with many opportunities both in Polimi and to open to outside with their agreements”

Great location

Madhuli – India: “Being an Architect I was aware of  Italy's rich architectural heritage which provides an unparalleled backdrop to immerse myself in the science of architecture. My chosen course encompasses a comprehensive curriculum including design, technicalities, construction proficiency, and resonated well with my requirements”