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International Mobility

Study at Polimi  

Exchange students incoming


The Politecnico di Milano offers a variety of exchange programmes, double degree programmes and special programmes such as Alliance4Tech, Medes or Global E3. For a comprehensive overview please click here.

If you are a student at one of our partner universities and wish to apply to Politecnico di Milano for an exchange period, please follow the steps below.

What to do before the application  

  1. Consult the Polimi educational offer (Laurea or Laurea Magistrale) and select the study programme you are interested in
  2. Check the academic calendar for the date of lessons and the exam sessions 

Doing the application




What to do after the acceptance

Exchange programmes

Double Degree programmes

Quick links

Online application

Online tool online for Partner Institutions


Other programmes

If you are interested in one of the programmes below, find here the information you need:


Idea league