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Frequently Asked Questions

To request a degree certificate, or generate a Self-Certification, visit Politecnico di Milano Online Services. Log in with your credentials, select "Request Certificates and Self-Certification" under the "Data" tab, and follow the instructions there.

Visit to get all the information you are looking for about the State Exams.

If you have found a dissertation that is not accessible at, we can contact the authors on your behalf, asking them to share the content. Download the document at and fill it out in its entirety.

Contact us at, attaching the signed document and indicating the thesis you would like to have access to.

The authors reserve the right not to accept your request for access to your thesis.

Visit and discover all the opportunities to support your university.

Do you need to contact an Alumnus or Alumna of Politecnico di Milano? Write to us at indicating all the information needed to identify the person and stating the purpose of the contact. 

We will proceed to contact the person, sharing your information. However, the person will not be obliged to proceed with the contact.