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Support Students and Researchers

Politecnico di Milano offers companies the possibility to provide financial support for its students
and activities.
The Fundraising Office will help companies define their investments in line with their Corporate
Social Responsibility goals.
We offer companies the opportunity to:

  • fund scholarships for very deserving undergraduate, postgraduate, Master and PhD students
  • donate useful goods or services to enable Politecnico di Milano to perform its teaching and
    research activities
  • give financial aid to build, renovate or maintain the facilities of Politecnico di Milano

The Fundraising Office will help companies identify the tax advantages granted for each different
solution proposed.
Companies will be then included in the pool of donors and will thus have visibility
on, the website whereby Politecnico di Milano officially thanks its donors.

Girls at Polimi

University invites companies to donate scholarships to support male and
female students, thus promoting direct and concrete action to help support
equal opportunity by merit, need or gender in STEM subjects.



Ufficio Fundraising

Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32 - 20133 Milano Italia
Building 2, first floor
Phone. + 39 0223992160