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Towards your future career  

Experiential education and career guidance with employers and alumni

Beyond the curriculum

Education that prepares for professional choice  

Each semester, the Career Service of the Politecnico organizes a long list of career education opportunities, in collaboration with employers. All activities are made to allow students to gain a thorough knowledge of the job market and learn strategies useful to approach future career choices. Participation is free and open to all Politecnico students and graduates.  


Our proposals  

A rich and diverse proposal

Seminars, mentoring paths, bootcamps, simulations and competitions are just a few examples of the hundreds of activities that happen each year on campus. The educational focus is both on technical aspects of the job market such as the understanding of industries, professions, skills and real-life projects, as well as the development of transversal skills, including personal branding on the job market, the use of GenAI for job applications and the negotiation of work contracts.