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At Politecnico di Milano you can choose among more than 70 programmes in Architecture, Design and Engineering. All the postgraduate and some undergraduate programmes are available in English. Discover our rich educational offer and find the right path for you.


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More info about the educational system in Italy

Italian educational cycles


First cycle

The first cycle of university studies in Italy is called “Laurea” and it is equivalent to Bachelor of Science. It normally lasts 3 years, but in some specific areas the duration might be 5 years (single-cycle “Laurea Magistrale”). To access this level a high school diploma and at least 12 years of education are required.


Second cycle

After completing the first cycle, students can enter the second cycle of university studies: “Laurea Magistrale” programmes (equivalent to Master of Science), or first level Specializing Masters. “Laurea Magistrale” programmes last 2 years, while the duration of Specializing Masters is 1 year or more. 


Third cycle

Once the “Laurea Magistrale” degree is obtained, students can apply to a PhD programme or to a second level Specializing Master. The PhD lasts 3 years, while the second level Specializing Master duration is 1 year or more.