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Health service and medical emergency

Non-Resident students

All students who reside in an area other than that of their competent health authority (called ATS) - for example, a student from Trieste who moves to Milan - are invited to temporarily change their primary care physician for the full period of their studies.

To change physician, simply go to the local health authority office pertaining to your new address and submit your health card at the counter "Scelta e revoca" (selection and cancellation). The change is free of charge. At the end of the period of study, you can return to your primary care physician.

Milan health authority (ATS) website


Info for International Students

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In the event of a medical emergency

What to do, where to go

In the case of an accident or of falling ill on the campusesof Politecnico, please call 112 and promptly contact the university's First Aiders closest to the site of the emergency.

The First Aiders are duly trained employees of Politecnico, capable of handling medical emergencies, evaluating the severity of such incidents and giving first aid.

For minor medications, first aid boxes are distributed throughout the University. To access these boxes, students must apply to the First Aiders.

We invite all students to read the following document:
Management of Medical Emergencies

Are you sick? Do you need to be seen by a doctor?

You can contact the "Servizio di Continuità Assistenziale" or the "guardia medica" (out-of-hours medical services).

The aim of these services is to hear the health issues of users and give an appropriate and correct solution: telephone advice, home examination, information on the closest out-of-hours clinic, or referral to the 112 emergency telephone number.

For more information:

Health service for foreign students