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Multidisciplinary education, aligned with innovation and industry  

Undegraduate and Postgraduate programmes in Italian and in English

Multidisciplinary education

High-quality teaching

A wide range of study programmes in architecture, design, and engineering is available at Politecnico di Milano. Students can select their level of studies among Laurea (equivalent of BSc), Laurea Magistrale (equivalent of MSc), specializing masters and PhD programmes.

Studying at Politecnico di Milano provides the tools to easily enter the job market, to contribute to innovation and to play a leading role in the society.

Our training offer

Laurea programmes

Equivalent to Bachelor of Science

Laurea magistrale programmes

Equivalent to Master of Science

Research Doctorate (Ph.D.)

Specializing masters and postgraduate programmes

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PhD Programmes

The PhD is the highest level required by our university system. The doctoral program typically lasts 3 to 4 years. It also includes disciplinary courses, where PhD students delve into cutting-edge topics, and soft-skills training, where they develop transferable skills.  

For more information, please visit the following webpage:

PhD Programmes

Complementary courses

Passion in action

A rich catalogue of educational activities in which students can freely participate to develop soft and social skills.

Polimi Open Knowledge

Library of free online courses open to all, on many topics.

Language courses

English and other foreign language courses for our students. And Italian language courses for non-native speakers.