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Tuition fees

Payment by instalments of the all-inclusive contribution

Academic Year 2023/2024

Politecnico di Milano, in order to guarantee the right to higher education, allows its students to make request for payment by instalments of the all-inclusive contribution, only on the basis of the ISEE value. This kind of payment is calculated according to the income brackets that take into account the ISEE value. To obtain the payment by instalments of the all-inclusive contribution, it is necessary to make request according to the procedures and deadlines provided.

Table 1 - How to define the income bracket based on the ISEE value

ISEE value (*)Corresponding income bracket
From €0 to €23,1201
From €23,121 to €27,0002
From €27,001 to €31,0003
From €31,001 to €40,0004
From €40,001 to €51,0005
From €51,001 to €63,0006
From €63,001 to €75,0007
From €75,001 to €95,0008
Greater than €95,001Full contribution

(*) Please note: the ISEE (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator) value is rounded up when the fraction is equal to or greater than €0.50, otherwise it is rounded down.

Table 2 - Amount of instalments (Study Plan between 46 and 74 ECTS and without exemption)

Income bracket (based on ISEE)Amount of first instalmentAmount of second instalmentAmount of first instalment + second instalment
6€888.59 €1,713.00€2,601.59
Full contribution€888.59€3,003.00€3,891.59

Table 3 - All-inclusive contribution based on ECTS, relating to the new attendances required in the annual study plan and income bracket

Attention: The amounts of the instalments are defined by the all-inclusive contribution plus the amounts indicated in Table 4.

ECTS1st Income Bracket2nd Income Bracket3rd Income Bracket4th Income Bracket5th Income Bracket6th Income Bracket7th Income Bracket8th Income BracketFull contribution
0-32 ECTS (50%)€361.50€571.00€737.00€894.00€1,054.50€1,218.00€1,381.50€1,594.50€1,863.00
33-45 ECTS (75%)€542.25€856,50€1,105.50€1,341.00€1,581.75€1,827.00€2,072.25€2,391.75€2,794.50
46-74 ECTS (100%)€723.00€1,142.00€1,474.00€1,788.00€2,109.00€2,436.00€2,763.00€3,189.00€3,726.00
75-80 ECTS (130%)€939.90€1,484.60€1,916.20€2,324.40€2,741.70€3,166.80€3,591.90€4,145.70€4,843.80

Table 4 - Structure of first instalment A.Y. 2023/2024

A. All-inclusive contribution in advanceVariable
B. Regional tax€140.00
C. Stamp duty€16.00
D. Insurances€16.20
Total amount of first instalmentA+B+C+D