External bodies for the certification of language proficiency



For registration procedure, available locations and dates, please visit the Web page: www.britishinstitutes.it/politecnico. You can take the test at any of the British Institutes test sites (Casaloldo, Como, Crema, Piacenza and Milan). To take the test, each student must come with his/her own PC and tablet and connect to the wifi network. At least one test session per month is guaranteed and several tests can be available on the same day. The test will last approximately 40 minutes and will consist of three tests:

  • Use of English
  • Listening Skills
  • Writing Skills

The result is communicated to the Politecnico and mailed to the students within 48 hours from the exam session. 

MILAN HEADQUARTERS: Via Giacomo Leopardi 8,
Ph. +39.02.4390041/48011338 - Fax 02 4390031
Email: milano@britishinstitutes.it
Web site: www.britishinstitutes.it/



For details on how to register and available dates, candidates are invited to follow the instructions provided here: https://eas-milan.org/do-dettaglio.php&id=59&tipo=2&key=bj0r1

The test may be taken at the EAS Milan building. 

The Redesigned TOEIC Bridge™ test is taken online, it lasts 60 minutes and consists of multiple choice questions divided into two sections: reading and listening.

In order to take the test, students must carry with them a valid identity document. There will be three test sessions per month.

The minimum score required to complete OFA (Additional Educational Obligations) is 84. Should a student achieve such a score or higher, the Politecnico di Milano secretary will be duly notified.

The result will be available immediately at the end of the test.

The relative certificates may be collected by all students around one week after the test date.


C.so Italia, 8 - 20122 Milano



For registration procedure, available locations and dates, please visit the Web page: http://www.language-academy.it/politecnico/. You can take the test at the Milan campus or at other campuses of the Language Academy scarl (Mantova, Como, Cremona, Piacenza and Lecco). The test is online: each student must have his/her own Device (smart phone or portable PC) and his/her identity document. A session every month is provided, with a minimum of 10 students enrolled.  
The test lasts 15 minutes and consists of 30 "multiple-choice" questions. Each correct answer is 1 point, each wrong answer 0 points. The result is communicated to Politecnico and mailed to the students.

Ph. +39.3298160205
Email: politecnico@language-academy.it
Web site: www.language-academy.it

British Language Services/ Linguaviva

For the registration procedures and the dates available, please click on the following link: https://www.linguaviva.net/it/iscrizione-test-30/. The test to acquire the OFA (BLSTEST30) lasts 15 minutes and consists of 30 multiple choice questions; 1 point is awarded for each correct answer and 0 points for each incorrect answer. The test is attended in the Milan office on a computer.
In order to attend the Test, students must present themselves with a valid identity document. At least 2 sessions per month will be se up in different time slots.
The score required for acquiring the OFA must be equal to 25/30 or higher. Upon reaching the score mentioned above, the results is automatically communicated to the registrart's office of the Politecnico di Milano and to the candidate.

Via Carlo De Cristoforis, 15 (ang. C.so Como) - 20124 Milano
Tel +39 02 659 6401 Email segreteria@linguaviva.net
Sito www.linguaviva.net

For more information, please visit the pages about the certification of English language proficiency for the Laurea programmes held in Italian and for those held in English.

Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) programmes

ETS (Educational Testing Service)

TOEFL Certificate (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

For registration procedure, please follow the instructions on the Web site of the Institution: TOEFL Web site - EAS Web site.

You can go to the following locations: Eas, Corso Italia 8 – 20122 Milan, ph. 02.89010893, fax 02.45550276, email info(at)eas-milan.org.

The information about the Institution Code of the University of origin (for Politecnico di Milano is: 9795) is useful for automatic transmission of certificate to the University. At the enrollment, the candidate can choose one of the two available ways to take the test, depending on which location will be used to carry out the test:

Internet Based Test: listening | reading | speaking | writing

Paper Based Test: listening | reading | writing

After about 10 days from the exam, the result is available on the candidate's online profile and after three further days it will be possible to print a copy (Test Taker Copy). After about two weeks from the carrying out of test, the Institution concerned sends to the student address the certificate of the score obtained in the test; If the student has indicated the identification code of the University of origin (for Politecnico di Milano the Institution Code is: 9795), it forwards to Politecnico di Milano the official certificate; otherwise, the student must request to the Institution concerned to forward the official certification to Politecnico di Milano, following the instructions available in his/her online profile. After receiving the official certification, the Registrar's Office will be able to register the test result in the student's career.

Official headquarters and registration support

Eas (www.eas-milan.org)
Corso Italia, 8 - 20122 Milan
Ph. 02.89010893
Email: toeic(at)eas-milan.org

There are partnership agreements that offer to the students of Politecnico discounts and exemptions (see the page Products and services at special conditions, section "Courses and tests").


TOEIC Certificate (Test of English for International Communication)

The Certificate issued has the title "Listening and Reading - OFFICIAL or INSTITUTIONAL SCORE REPORT"; it shows the candidate's name, the date of birth, the Test date, the Listening score, the Reading score and the Total Score.

Where to sit the test 

The result of the test taken at the above headquarters does not have to be presented at the Registrar’s Office.

Cambridge English

It issues the following certifications recognized by Politecnico di Milano: Cambridge PET (Preliminary English test); Cambridge FCE (First Certificate in English); Cambridge CAE (Certificate of Advanced English); Cambridge CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English); IELTS (International English Language Testing System). 

Students can register to tests at: 

British Council, Via Alessandro Manzoni 38, Milan
Email: esami.milano@britishcouncil.it or ielts.milan@britishcouncil.it
Web site: www.britishcouncil.it 

International House Milano, Piazza Velasca 5, Milan
Ph. +39.02.8057825
Email: esamicambridge@ihmilano.it - Email for IELTS: ieltssupport@ihmilano.it
Web site: www.ihmilano.it/servizi/esami-cambridge/ - www.ihmilano.it/servizi/ielts-milano/ 

Further information, also in other locations in Italy: www.cambridgeenglish.org/ or www.ielts.org 

Trinity College

The ISE (Integrated Skills in English) certifications are recognized by Politecnico di Milano, issued after taking exams that assess the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills:

  • ISE I
  • ISEII 

Further evidences of English language skills, at the level required, can be evaluated. 

For more information please visit the pages about the certification of English language proficiency for the Laurea Magistrale study programmes and for the Building-Engineering Architecture Laurea Magistrale study programme.

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