Progetti internazionali

Accordi internazionali

Attualmente il Politecnico di Milano ha oltre 500 accordi internazionali attivi con università non europee. Le tipologie di accordo più frequenti sono:

  • accordo quadro che coinvolge l’intero Ateneo ad ampio raggio
  • accordo di scambio, che consente agli studenti di trascorrere un periodo di studio all'estero
  • accordo di doppia laurea che permette agli studenti di trascorrere un periodo di studio all'estero e di ottenere, alla fine del percorso, il titolo del Politecnico di Milano e il titolo della sede partner

Progetti Europei

Il Politecnico di Milano partecipa a programmi finanziati dall’Unione Europea in ambito di didattica e cooperazione. In particolare, è attivo in ambito di:

Progetti conclusi

Politecnico di Milano ha inoltre partecipato ai seguenti progetti:

Erasmus Mundus Azione 2

  • Strong-Ties: Strengthening Training and Research Through Networking and Globalisation of Teaching in Engineering Studies
  • Green-IT for the Benefit of Civil Society
  • Tempo: Trans-European Mobility Project On Education for Sustainable Development
  • Heritage: Erasmus Mundus Partnership India - Europe
  • Smart2 Project: SmartCities & SmartGrids for Sustainable Development -
  • Leaders: Leading Mobility between Europe and Asia in Developing Engineering Education and Research -
  • Eased: Euro-Asian Sustainable Energy Development -
  • Interwave: Erasmus Mundus Partnership Asia-Europe -
  • Intact: It's Time for Collaboration Towards Close Cooperation -

Erasmus Mundus Azione 3

Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships

  • CONFRONTING WICKED PROBLEMS: Adaption of Architectural Education to the New Situation in Europe Community Participation in Planning: Learning and Skills Framework
  • COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION IN PLANNING: Learning and Skills Framework

ALFA III – GUIA: Gestión Universitaria Integral del Abandono

EU-US ATLANTIS Azione 3, EVALUATE-E: Examining VALUe Added in Transatlantic Exchanges in Engineering (project leader)


  • CRISP: Computing, Robotics and Imaging for Surgery Platform
  • EAGLES: Engineers As Global Leaders for Energy Sustainability [project leader]

Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window

  • EM ECW Lot 15
  • EM ECW Lot 13
  • TANDEM Alliance
  • WILLPower Programme
  • INDIA For EU
  • LOT11

Programma TEMPUS

  • TRINEX (PROJECT LEADER): Knowledge-Triangle Platform for the Water_Energy-Food Nexus
  • GIEP (PROJECT LEADER): Green Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • SEHUD (PROJECT LEADER): Architecture and Sustainable Urban Development Based on Eco-Humanistic Principles & Advanced Technologies without Loosing Identity
  • IDEA (PROJECT LEADER): Interdisciplinary Education Agenda - An Essential Driver for Innovation

Programma EDULINK II

  • ENERGISE (PROJECT LEADER): Enlarged Network in Education and Research for a Growing Impact of Sustainable Energy engineering on local development
  • LENSES (PROJECT LEADER): The Learning Network for Sustainable Energy Systems