Polytechnic Equal Opportunities (POP)

PARI OPPORTUNITA' POLITECNICHE: Conoscere, coltivare, valorizzare la diversità della comunità politecnica. Perché le diverse esperienze, culture e identità che la compongono sono i fattori indispensabili per peseguire gli obiettivi di eccellenza nella formazione, ricerca e crescita professionale delle persone che ogni giorno vivono l'Ateneo

Polytechnic Equal Opportunities is a new strategic programme from the Politecnico di Milano to guarantee a study and work environment that respects gender identity, disability, culture and background. The POP programme is structured around five strategic lines of action: gender identity, culture, nationality and religion, sexual orientation, disability and psychological wellbeing. For each of the five lines of action, the university is promoting and organising a range of training initiatives and services (accompaniment, listening and support etc.) aimed at creating an inclusive environment that allows students, researchers and teaching and administrative staff to pursue their career successfully, inside and outside the university.

For information on the programme and promised initiatives: equalopportunities@polimi.it


Gender POP is the line of action promoting equal opportunities in order to:

  • familiarise female students with STEM studies to attract more women to study at the Politecnico 
  • ensure that female students have a welcoming environment that supports them during their studies 
  • provide PhD students and researchers with support and training during their professional career so they become role models for the female students of the future
  • open up a space for sharing and dialogue with stakeholders to improve equal opportunities inside and outside the university

After the launch in June 2018 during the first annual event of the POP programme, focusing on gender diversity and inclusion, on July 4th 2019 the second POP Day took place, during which the Politecnico has presented its first official Gender Budget

The first initiatives being promoted by the Politecnico in this area are:

  • study grants awarded by the university to female high school students to attend  summer camps on programming and robotics
  • courses on storytelling techniques for PhD candidates so they can become role models and be more effective at presenting their research in schools and at promotional events for STEM professions
  • financial support for professors who decide to return to research work immediately after maternity leave  
  • a free nursery at the Politecnico for PhD candidates with children 
  • Women Mentoring initiatives and other events in collaboration with companies to prepare female students for the job market

The Politecnico di Milano is also an associate member of VALORE D.

On the occasion of the "International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women" on November 25, 2019 the Politecnico di Milano, in line with the POP program, with other 5 Universities, presents "Violence of men against Women. An awareness campaign from the University for University on digital verbal harassment (catcalling)". The campaign was carried out by the Interuniversity Research Center "Gender Cultures" of which the Politecnico is a part.
See the Awareness Campaign video.


MULTICULTURAL POP is a line of action promoting the integration of different cultures, countries and religions.
The university offers a dedicated support service for foreigners studying and working at the Politecnico di Milano:

  • Welcome Week: a week welcoming new international students and clearly explaining to them about the Politecnico and the Italian system 
  • The World at Polimi: the university finances meetings, exhibitions, performances and other initiatives suggested and organised by foreign students to talk about and share the culture of their home countries
  • Progetto Buddy: a project that pairs an Italian student with an international one so they can accompany and help them during their first few months at the Politecnico
  • Support services for the international visiting professors and their families

MultiChance POP

MultiChance POP is the action that deals with issues relating to diverse abilities, offering tailor-made services, providing opportunities and organising events around this issue:

For Students


Pride POP POP is a line of action promoting the inclusion of LGBT+ people in university life. The Politecnico is the first Italian university to become a member of the "Parks - Liberi e Uguali" Association and promotes the work of Poliedro, the LGBT+ student Association.

This year again our University has sponsored Milano Pride: on the occasion of this event, the Division Campus Life in cooperation with the program POP, the Presidency of the Student Council and Poliedro has organized the first Polimi Pride Week, a week of conferences focused on awareness and online education concerning diversity and inclusion issues.

Wellbeing POP

Wellbeing POP is the action that deals with issues relating to psychological wellbeing offering tailor-made services, providing opportunities and organising events around this issue:

For Students

  • POLIPSI: counseling and psychological support

Steering Committee

The steering committee is responsible for directing the Equal Opportunities strategic programme at the Politecnico di Milano. The committee meets twice a year and is composed of:

  • Prof.ssa Valeria Bucchetti
  • Prof. Lamberto Duò
  • Prof. Emilio Faroldi
  • Prof.ssa Cristina Lamastra Rossi
  • Prof.ssa Ingrid Paoletti
  • Prof.ssa Licia Sbattella
  • Prof.ssa Donatella Sciuto
  • Prof.ssa Mara Tanelli

Support and coordination office

The support and coordination office is responsible for compiling an annual report on gender budgeting at the Politecnico di Milano and is composed of: