The Project

The New European Bauhaus, sponsored by the European Commission, is a creative and interdisciplinary initiative creating a meeting space for designing future ways of living, at the crossroads of art, culture, social inclusion, science and technology. It brings the Green Deal to the places where we live and calls for a collective effort to imagine and build a sustainable, inclusive and beautiful future.

The initiative brings the Green Deal closer to citizens by promoting innovative and accessible solutions that improve the sustainability and functionality of spaces. To do so, the New European Bauhaus involves citizens to accelerate the green transition, contribute to recovery and ensure better coexistence, using the existing wealth of knowledge, experience and skills to seek new visions, ideas and solutions. The project enables dialogue between experts, businesses and institutions to make tomorrow’s living spaces affordable and accessible, mobilising designers, architects, engineers, scientists, students and creative minds from all disciplines to rethink sustainable living in Europe and worldwide.

These issues are at the heart of research and development at Politecnico di Milano, which is why the university has decided to join the initiative as an official partner and launch the
“NEWBAUHAUS@POLIMI. Designing the New Normal”

Politecnico will be involved in three macro areas:

  • creating opportunities for debate and discussion that can be a stimulus for generating new ideas around these issues;
  • identifying inspiring projects, activities or concepts;
  • gathering the needs and expectations of citizens.

NEWBAUHAUS@POLIMI will be firmly rooted in interdisciplinarity values and a new aesthetic combining design, science and humanistic skills, making life more pleasant and sustainable, in the firm belief that what is necessary can also be beautiful.

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