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Initiatives for new employees

The University pays close attention to the integration phase for newly hired staff within the organisation. Various initiatives are planned to welcome new hires in the best way possible, providing the opportunity to impart the skills they need toproperly start and continue the working relationship:

  • Vademecum for new hires. From the moment they sign a contract, new hires are welcomed with a company vademecum containing useful information on the organisational structure, Campus services, staff welfare activities and information on salary crediting. 
  • HR induction and integration plan for new hires. Formative meetings are organized annually on topics such as performance evaluation and welfare.
  • Monitoring the integration of new hires. The Politecnico monitors new hires integration a few months after they sign the contract through an interview held between the new employee and their manager, so as to ensure that they are properly integrated into the organisation.

The Politecnico has a very high retention rate: thanks to its loyalty scheme, the amount of people quitting their job is low and largely due to retirements.