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Faculty and Researchers

Well-being at work

The Politecnico di Milano has set up permanent projects that aim to promote well-being, enhance diversity and promote staff inclusion.

Measurement of organisational environment

This initiative allows the staff’s views on different aspects of their work to be heard and for improvement actions to be taken based on the outcomes.

Polytechnic equal opportunities (POP)

Through the POP programme, the Politecnico di Milano is committed to cultivating and promoting the different experiences, cultures and identities that make up the Politecnico’s community, in order to create an inclusive environment that supports the well-being and professional growth of those who work within the University every day.

In addition to the initiatives scheduled under the programme’s 5 action lines, throughout the year the Politecnico invites all staff members to meetings and round tables to deepen their understanding and awareness of these different topics.

Through the Gender balance and Gender Equality Plandocuments, the Politecnico di Milano takes a snapshot of current gender perspectives and lays out the University policy plan to guarantee gender equality and equal opportunities for all.

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Counselling desk for work-related distress

The Counselling Desk for work-related distress provides a counselling service on relational and organisational issues for those experiencing a difficult situation in their working environment and is aimed at identifying hypotheses and strategies for improving and resolving the problem. The service is supported by an external psychologist and guarantees maximum confidentiality.

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Networking programmes and events

At the Politecnico di Milano, staff also experience the Campus through cultural, informative and networking events dedicated to the internal community.