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Tuition fees, scholarships and financial aid


University Financial Aid - Diritto allo Studio Universitario

As you probably know, studying at the University can be very expensive. For this reason, particularly deserving students who are in a difficult economic situation, can count on Financial Aid Benefits… the Italian magic word is DSU!
Every year, in June, PoliMi publishes a special Call for the assignment of “DSU” Benefits.

What are these Benefits?

First of all, you can request for a scholarship, consisting in a part of money and in a part of services, in particular catering service.

Moreover, if you live far from your study course, you can also apply for a discounted accommodation in one of our residences (see the videos about the residences acceptance).

The scholarship has different amounts depending on whether you are “local”, “commuter” or “away from home” student.

For the assignment of DSU Benefits two main requirements are taken into account:

  • INCOME: you must obtain the ISEE "for university use". The value of your ISEE must be lower (or equal) to the limit sets in the call;
  • MERIT: if you register for the subsequent years, the CFU you have obtained will be taken into account. The minimum number of CFU required depending on the year of enrollment and on the level of your degree programme (Bachelor of science, master’ of science etc.). If you enroll in the first year, only income will be considered at first step; anyway, if you want to maintain the benefit assigned, you will still have to achieve a minimum number of CFU during the academic year.

Participating is simple, and will be even more if you read the Call carefully.

In summary, these are the main steps:

  • Ask for ISEE “for University use” within the deadlines set by the Call;
  • access to your Online Services on "Benefits and agreements >Application form -> DSU Benefits”;
  • fill in the application form and send it;
  • save the application form’s receipt on your device.

Remember that you must close and send the application within the deadlines set by the Call, even if you are not yet registered at PoliMi… indeed even if you haven’t taken the entrance test yet!

And much more…

There are two other DSU Benefits you can ask for.

First, if you decide to participate in an international mobility program of at least two months (up to a maximum of ten months), you can ask for an integration of the DSU scholarship, to meet the expenses that you will have to bear abroad.

And, finally, if you obtain your Master’s degree within its preestablished duration, you can get a degree award just after your graduation!

The Call

A.Y. 2024/2025  

A.Y. 2023/2024 [CLOSED]

Financial Aid Unit is at your disposal

Financial Aid Unit – Servizio Diritto allo Studio

Online desk (via Teams)

On Monday and Wednesday from 09:30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m

Only by appointment taken through Online Services or App Polimi.

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