Info for partner Institutions

At Politecnico di Milano there is an online Tool where Home institutions can manage their students before, during and after the exchange period. 

By connecting to this tool in different phases, officially registered staff at the partner universities may:

  • nominate selected students during the two application periods, but only after the applicants have completed all five parts of the application form
  • download acceptance letters for students who need visa
  • download the final official Transcript of Records and the Confirmation of Attendance (at the end of the mobility period)
  • consult the exchange history of their students through the years

To use the online services it is necessary to register officially and remember person code and password for further use (the password expires every twelve months).

All new users (both students and staff) will be asked to activate a two-factor authentication (2FA) to access the Online Services. Staff registered prior to this date may continue entering by using person code and password as before. New staff, that have obtained person code and password, are invited to contact us if they wish to avoid the use of the 2FA.