VIVIPolimi is a project aiming to improve the liveability of Politecnico spaces through design actions capable of focusing on the students, the teachers, the technical administrative staff, and whoever uses and inhabits the University.

Execution of the project will involve the Leonardo and Bovisa (Durando and La Masa) campuses via actions of redevelopment, enhancement and implementation of the existing structures. The plan is to create relaxation areas to facilitate socialising, study areas (with student spaces for individual, group and “flexible” study), work areas (through the creation of faculty spaces for teachers), and multi-purpose halls suited to events as well. Use will furthermore be made of a lighting-technical equipment to enhance the campus buildings. 

The objectives of the project are:

  • improvement of campus life, taking into account the needs of liveability, study and aggregation, as regards both the closed and the open spaces 
  • adaptation of the University to the international standards 
  • enhancement of the Politecnico spaces

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