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University projects

Città Studi Sustainable Campus  

To promote quality of life of university campuses in the “Città studi” area.


Città Studi Sustainable Campus is a project promoted by Politecnico di Milano and Università degli Studi di Milano with a view to transforming the city’s university district into a campus - and an exemplary part of town with regard to quality of life and environmental sustainability - through the active involvement of researchers, students and local inhabitants.

Aims of the projects

  • Renew the campus from a sustainable standpoint
  • Experiment with the innovations produced by the University's research projects
  • Rethink lifestyles and create more welcoming environments
  • Develop a better model to be applied first and foremost internally and then taken as reference for the entire city
  • Cooperate with international campus and sustainable projects circuits

Areas of interest

The project Città Studi Sustainable Campus is split into six main areas of interest (themes):

  • People
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Mobility
  • City
  • Food & Health

These themes were identified in order to group the proposals received and organise theme-based work groups. The areas are deliberately broad, to encourage an interdisciplinary approach. The six themes combined make up the project, and encourage a unified vision of sustainable campuses.

The project Città Studi Sustainable Campus is open to all employees and students of the Politecnico di Milano and of the Università degli Studi di Milano, who can take part with simple comments or more structured proposals. To enter or comment a text, simply login with your personal code and password.

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