Statute and Regulations

  1. Code of Ethics of the University 
  2. Code of Conduct of Politecnico di Milano for the protection of Personal Dignity
  3. Code of conduct for Employees of the Politecnico di Milano
  4. Regulations for the assignment of Research Grants (Polimi International Fellowships)
  5. Regulations governing the work of Professors and Researchers outside Politecnico
  6. Regulations for the provision of Research Grants for self-funded Programmes
  7. Regulations for appointment to teaching positions - annex 1: Application for a teaching assignment - annex 2: Application for a teaching assignment via the stipulation of a contract
  8. Regulations governing the University Bonus Fund for Professors and Researchers
  9. Regulations on the Teaching Commitment of Politecnico di Milano Professors and Researchers, in accordance with art. 6 of law 240 issued on 30.12.2010
  10. Regulations governing comparative procedures for appointment to individual independent collaboration positions, implementing art. 7, paragraphs 6 and 6 bis of Lgs. D. no. 165 issued on 30.03.2001, as amended and supplemented
  11. Regulations governing the procedure for recruitment of untenured researchers pursuant to article 24 of law n. 240 of 30.12.2010
  12. Regulation for the research Ethics Committee of Politecnico di Milano
  13. Rules governing the provision of grants to University Staff
  14. Regulations for travel assignments
  15. Regulations on the assignment of teaching and teaching support positions in terms of article 23 of law no. 240 of 30.12.2010
  16. Guidelines for management of international mobility of students
  17. Regulation on the code of conduct within the University areas and during graduation parties
  18. Regulation for the Politecnico di Milano's University Residences

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