Buildings and campuses opening timetable

In the current A.Y. the University will be closed during the public holidays and also during the summer period from 13th to 17th August, during the winter period from 23rd December to 4th January 2019 and on 30th April and 2nd November.

Leonardo Campus - Città studi

CampusBuildings/ RoomsMonday-FridaySaturdaySunday
LeonardoHistorical Libraryopening hoursclosedclosed
BonardiLeonardo Campus Libraryopening hours
BonardiBuilding 117:00-21:00 (*)7:00-20:30 (*)closed
BonardiPatio - Lecture halls G1 and G2 24-hours a day24-hours a day24-hours a day
BonardiAll other areas7:00-21:00 closedclosed
BassiniAll7:00-21:00 closedclosed
GolgiBuilding L267:00-20:30 closedclosed
GolgiAll other areas7:00-21:00 closedclosed
MancinelliBuilding 287:00-21:00 closedclosed
ColomboBuilding 327:00-21:00 closedclosed

(*) NOTE - Building 11 is open every day from 7:00 to 23:30; on Saturday and Sunday the following lecture rooms located at the first floor will be open as well:  O1, Q1, J1, Y1,  u1, R1 , IIIa, IIIb, IIIc, IIId.

Bovisa Campus

CampusBuildings/ RoomsMonday-FridaySaturdaySunday
CandianiBuilding B2 basement, ground floor and 1st floor - Common areas - Room CT 68 ground floor7:00-21:007:00-20:30closed
CandianiBuilding B1 - Bovisa Candiani Libraryopening hours
CandianiAll other areas7:00-21:00closedclosed
La MasaBuilding BL28 - Bovisa La Masa Libraryopening hours
La MasaBuilding B12 ground floor, lobby study workstations - Room L06 7:00-21:00 7:00-20.30closed
La MasaAll other areas7:00-21:00 closedclosed