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About Polimi

Our values

Responsibility, respect, integrity, professionalism, fairness, trust and transparency are the founding values of the Politecnico. Every member of the community must work in accordance with these values, draw inspiration from them and feel responsible for promoting them.  For more information download the Brochure and the Code of Ethics and Conduct of Politecnico di Milano.



Politecnico is aware of having an impact on the present and future society through education, research and outreach activities and of being at the service of the entire economic and social system of the country and of the international community. Through its community, Politecnico promotes a constant reflection on its mission, its role, its contribution to society with the ambition of pursuing the social, economic and environmental sustainability of its activities. Politecnico is responsible towards its students and strengthens their culture, technical competence, ability to plan and work in multidisciplinary contexts, and their cultural sensitivity. Politecnico pays particular attention to the whole community and to the working conditions of its staff: it respects its dignity, supports the search for a balance between the needs of work and study and those of private life; it enhances skills, supports professional growth, promotes knowledge updating and freedom in education and research.



Politecnico respects freedom, dignity and inviolability of persons, promoting enhancement of diversity and multiculturalism. It supports freedom in research and teaching, and is committed to respect the university’s historical heritage, its spaces and infrastructures, requesting all members of its community to respect the public goods. All members of the community shall respect individual qualities of each person and refrain from treating anyone simply as a means to achieving personal or collective goals.



Each member of the Politecnico’s community must act with integrity, namely independently, honestly and sincerely, avoiding any conflict of interest. Politecnico promotes the integrity of research, condemns manipulation and infringement of intellectual property. It respects privacy and confidential information, and requires every member of the community to do the same. Politecnico condemns requesting, offering and accepting gifts outside those resulting from courtesy relations.

Integrity and beyond



Politecnico promotes and requires members of its community to update and deepen their skills, to use appropriate manners and behaviours in relationships, to constantly seek cost-effectiveness, efficiency and effectiveness without compromise on the quality of results, to execute their activities with commitment and to develop critical thinking. Politecnico provides opportunities for training and information for all members of its community, and requests members of the community who have been elected in the academic bodies to respect their commitment with the utmost attention.



Politecnico recognises merit and the importance of fairness in evaluations and decisions. It promotes equal opportunities in every area of academic life and guarantees to everybody fairness of access to the various opportunities.



Politecnico and its community work in an environment where trust plays an essential role, believing in others, encouraging the free exchange of ideas and the realization of the potential of everyone.



Politecnico guarantees traceability and transparency of administrative processes, and the correct balance between transparency and privacy protection. The entire community is committed to ensure transparency in decision-making and in evaluation processes, and to promote clear communication.