Politecnico di Milano Mobile Apps

In order to facilitate the access to services through mobile devices, the Politecnico di Milano has developed the following native apps.

Polimi APP


  • check your Study Plan, which includes details of subjects taught, timetables and exam registration status (authentication required for this service)
  • search classrooms tool, with maps connection
  • search free classrooms tool, locations and time
  • university phonebook and contact list
  • see the number of the last ticket served and the average waiting period in the Registrar’s Office in Milano
  • report a failure, a malfunction, or a situation that calls for an intervention within the campus. The reports will be analyzed and sorted for their resolution
  • booking an appointment at the Registrar's Office: via Golgi 42 (Leonardo Campus), via Lambruschini 11 (Bovisa Campus)

The application will be progressively enriched.

Polimi Library

The Polimi Library application allows you to:

  • search the Politecnico di Milano catalogue online
  • check if a book is available
  • define one or more favourite libraries with priority to material here available
  • make borrowing requests for available books and reserve books on loan
  • cancel requests and reservations that do not interest you anymore
  • renew loans online (from three days before the book is due back)
  • view your reader status
  • send suggestions on future purchases to a library

Some advanced functionalities are available:

  • search filters and refining functions through facets: tags, authors, publication year, category, etc.
  • saving personal bibliographies synchronized
  • map of all the University libraries with information
  • sharing favourite titles with social networks

Download the application: