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How to apply

Welcome activities

Every year Politecnico di Milano welcomes hundreds of prospective students from all over the world. The number is always increasing and, with it, the needs of the students about to start a new experience in a new environment

To cover these needs and allow students to become familiar with the universities facilities, professors, staff and classmates, the university organizes welcome and orientation activities at the beginning of each semester.

Welcome weeks in Milan take place usually in the first half of September and in the first half of February.

Orientation activities in Milan Capuses combine seminars, workshop and leisure activities: within the end of the orientation activities, students will have fulfilled their bureaucratic duties, learned something about Politecnico di Milano and the City of Milano, and have met a lot of new friends and classmates.

For welcome activities organized in different Campuses you can find more information on their websites.

Topics that are usually tackled during the welcome week

During the orientation activities you will have the possibility to enable your Wi-Fi access, by showing your passport/ID document at the dedicated desk. This will also allow you to use all the online services in your personal page.

Whether you are a Non EU citizen living abroad or a European citizen, you will need to either apply for a residence permit or register to the local Municipality in order to be a regular resident in Italy. You will receive the kit to apply for a residence permit, support to fill it out and important information on your rights as a resident in Italy.

Health is a very important issue, especially for students who will live in Italy for a long period of time. Learn more about the Italian Health System and how to benefit from its services.

Universities around the world are structured in some cases very differently one from another: how is Politecnico organized? How do exams work; how many times in the year do you have to pay tuition fees? Are there any special requirements to move on from one year to another, and to graduate? Don’t start your new career unprepared!

You are undergoing a considerable change in your life, by coming to a new country and enrolling in a new university. Adapting to a different environment requires time and energy: you can certainly use some help in identifying the tools you can use to face the challenges that await you.

The campuses through the eyes and the anecdotes of Polmi’s senior students. Through a pleasant stroll you will become familiar with the main attractions and the most particular spots of the campuses.

Discover all the opportunities offered by Campus Life division. During this presentation the Community Life Unit will introduce its services and activities that will give you the opportunity to meet new students and collaborate with the offices of Politecnico di Milano.

You will have the opportunity to learn about Polimi Students Associations, which activities they organize, which passions you share with them, and much more.

During this presentation we will introduce you the services, activities and opportunities available for those students staying in Milano.

Video presentation