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Foreign qualification


The application for a Laurea Magistrale Programme (equivalent to a MSc degree) requires only a few steps. You can apply once per semester for up to two Master of Science programmes at the same time (1st and 2nd choice); if you are admitted to both courses you will be asked to accept the one you prefer.

DESIGN and ARCHITECTURE programmes accept candidatures for the 1st semester only.

Applicants of Design will have their second choice evaluated only if not admitted to their first choice. Therefore, please select your first choice carefully.

Before starting your application, please verify that your GPA fulfils our minimum GPA requirements and whether your university qualification is eligible to apply for our Master of Science programmes by checking the Country-specific requirements at this page.

You need to register online in order to obtain the credentials (personal code and password) to access the online application form.

Registration Guidelines (pdf)

Please enter your surname(s) and name(s) in the box exactly as they are stated on official documents, such as your passport and birth certificate.

Each user can only have one personal code. If you have already applied in the past you should make sure that you start a new application using the same personal code you were assigned upon your registration. We strongly recommend applicants avoid the creation of different personal codes when applying more than once. The International Admissions Office will make sure that no user completes more than one application per year using different personal codes. Such applications will be invalidated, even in case of admission.

Forgot your password? Please enter the Online Services > Credentials Recovery (you can switch the language to English language by clicking on the button on the top right side of the webpage). Write your personal code and the e-mail address you used to register to the online services; eventually you will receive an e-mail that will allow you to choose a new password.

Forgot your personal code? You can find it in your registration receipt or in the confirmation e-mail that you received at the end of your registration to the Online Services. If you still cannot find it, please follow the directions available here: Online Services > Credentials Recovery (you will have to fill out a form and send it to the relevant office together with a copy of your identity document).


The online application consists of the following sections:

  • Educational background

         Please upload:

          a. Original transcript: it must be scanned front and back

          b. Bachelor Degree or attendance certificate. In case you have both a Bachelor and a Master Degree, you will be evaluated on the basis of your Bachelor Degree only.

  • Programme(s) selection
  • English Language certificate
  • Alta Scuola Politecnica (ASP)*


*The Alta Scuola Politecnica (ASP) application can be completed in parallel or after applying to the Laurea Magistrale programme within specific deadlines. Please refer to ASP website for detailed information.

In order to submit the application, all candidates are required to pay a non-refundable € 50 application fee. Detailed instruction for the payment will be available in the specific section of the application. The application fee is mandatory, non-refundable and cannot be waived. 

Submitted applications will be assessed for admission only once the application fee payment is received. After that, applicants will NOT be able to modify any of the uploaded documents.

Politecnico di Milano will NOT process any incomplete online applications including those without the application fee.

Download Laurea magistrale programmes application guidelines 2023 (pdf)


It is very important that each applicant PERSONALLY accesses the Online Service with his/her student identification number (person code) and password to check the status of his/her application and the messages sent by the International Admissions Office.


It is strongly suggested registering using a personal email address which is checked regularly.

The applicants need to ensure the card balance covers the application fee cost and any other charges required from the bank/card issuer.

In case the applicant does not have a card, he/she may ask a friend to complete the payment on his/her behalf.

It is possible to have difficulties in making online payments from bank accounts based in certain countries. 

The payment deadline cannot be extended. Therefore, applicants are invited to avoid last minute payments as the office might not be able to assist them, in case any problem arises.

Please be aware that after paying the application fee, applicants will NOT be able to modify any of the uploaded documents or add any extra documents.

Politecnico di Milano will NOT process any incomplete online applications including those without the application fee.

Check the deadlines

Every year different application calls are open for international prospective students who want to apply to Politecnico di Milano Laurea Magistrale programmes. Application calls differ according to the semester of interest and/or students nationality: Non EEA (European Economic Area), EEA (European Economic Area) or Non EEA (European Economic Area) residing in Italy.

Check the deadlines here

To foster integration, work at Italian companies and to make life outside the campus even more enjoyable, all students will have to prove an Italian Language proficiency in order to graduate. Please note that this is NOT an entry requirement.

The options are as follows:

  • If you already have a certificate of Italian language level B1, you will have to upload it upon enrolment (for accepted certificates, check the Ministry of University Circolare MUR 2021-2022 - pg 11 e 12, Article 1.2, comma G)
  • Politecnico di Milano will offer you the opportunity to attend a free course of Italian and to take an exit test. The exit test is valid if it shows that you kept or improved your entrance level. It is not required to reach the B1 level. For further details, please check here.