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Laboratory: Vilè’s group

My research topics: design of single-atom heterogeneous catalysts applied to organic synthesis using photochemistry, electrochemistry and flow technologies

I come from LYON, FRANCE

I speak French, English and a little bit of italian

I chose Polimi because I wanted to have an international experience of academedia, as well as being a student in a leading university in Europe

I like Polimi because as a PhD student, the school gives us opportunity to follow interesting courses, seminars and summer school

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Laboratory: RIDE-LAB

My research topics: UAV-based Synthetic Aperture Radar for Remote sensing and Environmental Monitoring

I come from MILANO, ITALY

I speak Italian and English

I chose Polimi because I had the opportunity to extend my Master’s thesis work to a complete system with real hardware. I can pilot a real UAV outdoors and plan experiments in the wilderness

I like Polimi because i can work with very good professors with years of experience. moreover, i can experience the knowledge acquired from the courses directly with hardware and equipment

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My research topics: framework for virtual homologation of automated and autonomous vehicles. Uncertainty quantification, causal inference

I come from LUCKNOW, INDIA

I speak Italian, Hindi and English

I chose Polimi because it is amongst the top 20 universities for Engineering and Technology in the world. It is located in the vibrant city of Milan. A lot of opportunities are open up because of the reputation and preparation provided by the institute

I like Polimi because of its innovative and flexible curriculum. Having like-minded colleagues and those from different backgrounds is an asset in finding solutions to most of the problems one faces during the PhD. Being a part of a great network, most of the state-of-the-art laboratories are available for carrying out the research

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