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19 months


The University International Master in Project Management comes from the collaboration with the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, with the aim to propose a training programme able to understand the ongoing evolution in the project management sector. In last years, indeed, it is possible to see the application of the typical methods of project management in almost all product sectors, thanks to the development of adaptive approaches that are working together and next to predictive ones, that are the traditional approached of contexts that have seen the birth of project management. In last years, the outstanding progress in the field of information systems is creating in companies the need to manage simultaneously, and in an increasingly effective and efficient way, a portfolio of projects in continuous evolution but which, even if of limited size, can have a big impact on the business strategy.

Educational project

The course is aimed at achieving the objectives indicated below: - acquisition and development of a systematic knowledge of the critical and operational procedures of project management within a clear perception of the main strategic and organizational levers of the company (to define appropriate priority level of projects, manage a portfolio of projects with reference to the internal and external organizational environment, evaluate the development, management and use of information systems and their impact on the project governance, successfully apply the processes related to project management, be able to transfer techniques and solutions for project management from one project to another, include elements related to the management of the project life cycle, the risks and quality of projects, planning and budgeting, monitoring and control, understand the most important aspects in the contractual context); - acquisition of a critical awareness for the development of individual and group skills with particular reference to international contexts characterized by cultural contexts that often are very different; - development of specific skills of the main industrial sectors to develop in students a natural inclination to transfer managerial approaches among contexts that often are different but characterized by common critical factors (type of market, stakeholders involved, multidisciplinary context, etc.), thanks to the renewed awareness of the importance of managing strategic projects for the company."


"This Master program is designed for graduated candidates, with an excellent knowledge of the English language (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Pearson or equivalent for non-native speakers) and a bachelor degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution (minimum 3 years full time study) in a scientific, economical or technical discipline. For the candidates who have graduated abroad, equivalent study titles in the respective educational institutions will be considered. Admission to this Master is subject to a selection phase based on the curriculum evaluation and an individual interview. "



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POLIMI Graduate School of Management ED. 26/A VIA LAMBRUSCHINI 4C 20156 MILANO

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Dott.ssa ANNA BACIGALUPI +390223992820 +390223992844 bacigalupi@gsom.polimi.it