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Education beyond graduation

Specializing Masters And Postgraduate Programmes  

Specialising Masters and Post Graduate Programmes

According to target students and main objectives, Politecnico di Milano offers several post-graduate programmes differently structured, with variuous learning approaches (distance learning, from abroad or international programmes).

  • I and II Level Specialising Masters are courses delivered by Politecnico di Milano, which last minimum 12 months and provide 60 ECTS, corresponding to 1,500 hours of class.

  • Post graduate programmes are delivered by Politecnico di Milano. They last from 3 to 9 months. They provide from 15 to 45 ECTS and from 375 to 1.125 hours of class in total.

Continuing Education Courses

Politecnico di Milano delivers continuing education courses which last from one day to one week, or a longer period of time if needed. At the end of these courses students receive a Certificate of Attendance. These courses do not require any academic qualification and are designed for those who want to gain a deeper knowledge on specific hot topics.

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102 Active courses

In deadline for the next 15 days
  1. Construction

    From July 2024

    project and contract management in construction works
    • Edition 16 (ONLINE)
    • Post Graduate Program (with ECTS)
  2. Construction

    From July 2024

    building information modeling in technical offices: the modeling and management of project
    • Edizione 25 (ON LINE)
    • Post Graduate Program (with ECTS)
  3. From July 2024

    project management in construction works with bim
    • Edizione 17 (ON LINE)
    • Post Graduate Program (with ECTS)
  4. Construction

    From July 2024

    evaluation of seismic risk
    • Edizione 21 (ON LINE)
    • Post Graduate Program (with ECTS)
  5. Construction

    From July 2024

    building energy management
    • Edizione 20 (ONLINE)
    • Post Graduate Program (with ECTS)
  6. Construction

    From July 2024

    energy and environmental management in buildings and infrastructures
    • Edizione 24 ON LINE
    • Post Graduate Program (with ECTS)
  7. Management

    From September 2024

    international business and digital transformation
    • Edition 2
    • 1st Level Specializing Master
  8. Management

    From September 2024

    management, finance and tech
    • Edition 1
    • 1st Level Specializing Master
  9. Management