High-level training courses

Alta Scuola Politecnica (ASP)

In 2004, Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino founded the Alta Scuola Politecnica (ASP), restricted to 150 young and exceptionally talented students, selected solely on the basis of merit, among the applicants to the Laurea Magistrale programmes (equivalent to a Master of Science) in Engineering, Architecture and Design at the two universities. The resulting community is made up of very motivated and exceptionally qualified students (about 60% achieved their Bachelor of Science B.Sc. degree cum laude) with a passion for innovation, coming from about 20 different countries; more than 1/3 of them are women. These students follow a curriculum additional to their degree programmes, completely in English, based on ad hoc courses and the development of multidisciplinary projects. The mission of ASP is to provide society with high-profile graduates combining in-depth (vertical) disciplinary knowledge from their Laurea Magistrale programmes with interdisciplinary (horizontal) skills that are needed to work in a truly multidisciplinary environment.


The Advanced School of Architecture (ASA) of Politecnico di Milano is an "additional" training programme that is held at the same time as the Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to a Master of Science) programmes. Its aim is to increase and develop the professional profile of architect-designers. It does so through design and planning activities that make future architect-designers experience the complexity of the phenomena currently taking place in and out of Europe. In this sense it is an "experimental teaching structure" open to talented young students (32 per year) who are selected according to their academic curriculum and the average mark achieved in exams during the Laurea (equivalent to a Bachelor of Science) programme or the first three years of single-cycle, five-year degrees. The advanced school of architecture is an "Itinerant School" that is held in the various campuses depending on the integrated programmes offered. ASA is aimed mainly at students enrolled in the School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering, but applications from students enrolled in the Schools of Design and of Engineering will be considered as well.


The Honours Programme entitled "Engineering for Sustainable Development" is a parallel training programme that takes place at the same time as the Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Masters of Science) programmes of the School of Industrial and Information Engineering and of the School of Civil, Environmental and Land Management Engineering. The aim of the Honours Programme is to enhance and develop the systemic and cross-discipline skills of future engineers, helping them understand and evaluate global challenges so that they may operate effectively in the field of sustainable development, deploying both theoretical and practical technical skills.