List of documents required by the Admissions Office

Before starting your online application:

  • check our Country-specific requirements and the minimum CGPA for your country, if any, related to your degree. The CGPA requirements are strict and no exceptions will be considered: if your CGPA is below the minimum we require, we will not proceed with the evaluation of your candidature.
  • make sure you have all required documents below ready and saved in pdf format on your computer
  • Please note that in case you have both a Bachelor and a Master Degree, you will be evaluated on the basis of your Bachelor Degree only.

It is your responsibility to make sure that whatever is uploaded online within your personal profile is valid, complete and clearly legible.

Once the PDF files are ready, fill out the online application form.

Official academic documents (Academic transcript, University qualification, Detailed study programme and letter of recommendation) are accepted in Italian, English, French or Spanish.

An official translation of the academic transcript and the university qualification it is also required, in case the original document is in a language other than Italian, English, French or Spanish. To be valid, the translation must contain an original stamp of an official translator.

Motivation letter(s), Portfolio and Cv must be provided in English or Italian.

Academic transcript

An academic transcript is an official document issued by the university Registrar’s Office containing courses taken, grades received and the relation between credits and hours for each course (if applicable to your educational system). The International Admissions only office accepts original transcript. All scans must be uploaded on both sides and be clearly legible. We will only consider the transcript of your Bachelor degree and will not take into consideration other degrees such as Associate or Master degree. Check country specific additional requirements.

Cumulative GPA statement

You have to upload a Cumulative GPA (percentage or weighted score) statement only if it is issued by your university, and if the grading scale is not already provided on the Bachelor's transcript or diploma.

University qualification

An official copy of the Bachelor degree must be uploaded. If at the moment of applying your university qualification is not yet available, an official provisional certificate can be provided. If you do not have a degree yet, you can provide us with an enrollment document issued by your University. 

Detailed study programmes/course descriptions

A document, 4 MB max, containing a brief but detailed description regarding the content of each course taken. If possible, it should contain the number of hours of the courses or training activities that you have completed according to your academic bachelor curriculum. It can be taken directly from the website of your university or it can be copied from the university course catalogue. If the course descriptions are not available, you can write it yourself and, if possible, have it signed by the Head of the Department of your study programme. Here are some samples:

Curriculum Vitae (Résumé)

Curriculum vitae is a written description of your work experience, educational background and skills. Maximum 2 pages long.

Letter of recommendation

A letter written by a current or former professor. University Letterhead and/or an original stamp are welcome. Please note that there is no specific format required for the recommendation letter, but it must contain the institutional contacts of the professor. We advise you to ask a professor who knows you well to write it, to be personal and to show that he knows you are applying to Politecnico di Milano.

If you completed your studies a few years ago and it is not possible to get a letter from your former professor, a letter written by your manager or employer may be accepted.

Letter of motivation

A letter of motivation (also called a "statement of purpose" or "personal essay") is a brief essay in which you explain what you hope to achieve, as well as what qualifies you as a top candidate for the admission, why you selected that specific programme, and why you have chosen Politecnico di Milano among other universities.
If you apply to 2 courses, please write 2 different motivation letters (max. 2 pages each) and combine them into one pdf file to be uploaded on your profile.

The letter of motivation is an extremely important part of the application documents because it provides the evaluation committee with a description of your personality, as well as in what way you plan to contribute to and benefit from the programme you are applying to.

Language proficiency


All applicants need to provide a document attesting their English language knowledge. This is a requirement both for English and for Italian taught programmes. 


  • TOEFL: CBT -210 / IBT – 78 / PBT- 547/ NEW! TOEFL ITP® Plus for China - 543 (Our TOEFL code is 9795). We have also decided to exceptionally accept the new TOEFL iBT® Special Home Edition English certificate. Please check on the TOEFL website to know it is offered in your country/current location and to find detailed information about it.
  • TOEIC (only listening and reading) - 720
  • IELTS (Academic) - 6. PLEASE NOTE: if you still haven’t received the official report of the Academic IELTS, we inform you that we are able to verify online the results. If this is your case, please send us a message through the message system available in your application profile stating the date of the exam and your Test Report Form (TRF) number.
  • CAMBRIDGE: Proficiency – Pass at grade C / Advanced – Pass at grade C / First – Pass at grade B
  • ENGLISH AS BACHELOR MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION: Students who can prove that English was the medium of instruction of their Bachelor Degree (at least for 3 years) are exempted from providing any English language certification. In this last case, students are required to upload a document certified by the university attesting that their programme was entirely taught in English.

ATTENTION! Your English certificate must be verified after your arrival to Italy and right before the beginning of classes. There are only two possible ways to do this:

a. You bring the ORIGINAL certificate with you at your arrival to Italy


b. You request the institute where you passed the test to send the result directly to the Politecnico di Milano (TOEFL code 9795)

Photocopies or PDF files will be not considered as official documents.




Students applying to an Italian taught programme must also provide an Italian language certificate, level B1 (Common European Framework).

Students who can prove to hold the Italian citizenship are extempted from providing any Italian language certification.


The language certificate(s) is not mandatory to complete the online application process but they are compulsory in order to obtain your admission letter, for being considered for merit based scholarships, and for Visa obtainment and for the enrolment to Politecnico di Milano. However, the language certificate (s) do not influence the outcome of your evaluation and therefore a different deadline has been set accordingly.

Portfolio: only for applicants to Architecture, Urban Planning and Policy Design or any Design programmes

You must provide a Portfolio of your works. The portfolio must be uploaded on your online profile in the section “Master of Science programme(s) selection” and cannot be bigger than 20 MB. Please do not send hard copies by post since they will not be considered.

What is a portfolio?

The portfolio is a collection of selected samples of work from your previous educational programme or work experiences. It should reflect the scope and variety of your training and experience with specific emphasis on your knowledge of and skills in the degree track for which you are applying. You should submit works that represent your interests and personal views as well as your design and technological abilities. Neatness and clarity of presentation are extremely important as they reflect both your attitude towards your work as well as your ability to communicate your work in a comprehensive and deliberate manner.

If you apply to Design&Engineering with an academic background in Engineering, you are not required to provide the portfolio.

GRE: Only for applicants to Engineering and Architecture programmes

GRE test (Graduate Record Examination)  is not mandatory but strongly recommended, it can affect your evaluation. No minimum score has been set, the applicant can upload it as PDF file

Identity document /Residence Permit (only for EEA candidates and Non-EEA residents in Italy applying during the 3rd and 4th application calls)

  • EEA applicants ​will be asked to upload a valid identification document, once the online application is completed, through the message area available on their application profile; 
  • Non-EEA residents in Italy will be asked to upload a valid residence permit, once the online application is completed, through the message area available on their application profile

Politecnico di Milano reserves the right to request further documentation in case of any doubt concerning the authenticity or suitability of uploaded documents. Moreover, applicants must consider that, even if positively evaluated, in order to enroll, they will be required to show original documents: no exceptions will be allowed at this stage and in case of missing documentation, in accordance with the existing rules, Politecnico di Milano will revoke the enrolment