Prepare documents for the enrolment

In order to complete the procedures related to the enrolment you need to submit the original documents listed below. In case of missing documentation, in accordance with the existing rules, Politecnico di Milano will revoke the enrolment.

Please find below the required documents, valid for all students:

  1. Laurea (equivalent to Bachelor) diploma or a graduation certificate issued by a competent office (*)
  2. One of the following documents:
    • CIMEA Statement of Comparability
    • Diploma Supplement if issued by your university (*)
    • Declaration of value (Dichiarazione di Valore) issued by the competent Italian Diplomatic Representative, related to the Bachelor degree. This document attests the validity and eligibility of your degree to pursue your studies in the second cycle
    The Bachelor degree/graduation certificate must be verifiable online through one of the following documents:
    • CIMEA Statement of Verification
    • electronic Apostille (paper Apostille is no longer accepted). Please check this link for the list of competent authorities for the issuance of the Apostille in each Country and make sure the e-Apostille is available
    • online database provided by the institution issuing the degree. The link to the database and consultation modalities must be provided by the institution itself
  3. D type Student visa for Italy (non-EU students residing abroad only). Student visa must be obtained before the beginning of classes (mid-September)
  4. Original certificate of English language (and Italian language, for students admitted to MSc programmes held in Italian language). For students whose previous Bachelor's degree was taught in English, unless clearly specified on the Diploma supplement, an official ORIGINAL letter from Institution is required.
    You can check this page (section LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY) for all the details about the language certificates accepted.

(*) Unless bachelor degree or diploma supplement are not issued by the university directly in English, French or Spanish, a translation made by a sworn translator is mandatory. Politecnico di Milano accepts translations in Italian (preferably), English, French or Spanish.

Please note: translations obtained from translators or Tribunals in Italy will not be accepted.

Declaration of value, when necessary, must be obtained by the competent Italian Representatives your University system belongs to (e.g.: for a university with British educational system in Peruvian territory the authorities of reference are those of the UK).


For all details regarding CIMEA Statement of Verification and Statement of Comparability, please check their website.