Apply for a student VISA

In order to enrol at Politecnico di Milano, Non-EEA citizens residing abroad need to apply for a Study visa issued by the Italian Diplomatic representatives in the country of residence.

Students who intend to withdraw (or have lost their student status) from their current academic career in an Italian university in order to activate a new one at Politecnico di Milano must apply for a new visa, as the residence permit for study purposes loses its validity in case of withdrawal.

As a consequence, students currently attending a Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) program in an Italian university, having a foreign bachelor degree, who intend to move to another Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) program at Politecnico di Milano, must apply for a transfer from their current university. Please note that transfer is allowed at the beginning of the first semester only.


Students admitted to the 1st semester must submit their visa application on Universitaly website by the end of June, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ regulations, in order to obtain it before the beginning of classes (mid-September).

The deadline to obtain the visa for students enrolled in the 1st semester is November 29th, whereas for the students enrolled in the 2nd semester is March 31st.

Create your own account on UNIVERSITALY

Submit your visa application by following this STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL and make sure all details are correct before proceeding. Politecnico di Milano will not change the inserted data.

Don’t forget: Tax Code generated on Universitaly website is not official (and not mandatory for the visa application). Do not update your OnLine Services with it, and do not use it.

Please make sure to add your Politecnico di Milano person code (eight numbers, starting with 10 or 11) as “ID account at the chosen University/AFAM/Institute” to allow us to track your visa application faster.

In order to be able to submit your visa application, it is enough to upload both passport and picture. However, we suggest you verify with the Italian Representative in your Country whether it is mandatory or not to upload further documents (i.e. enrolment documents).

Validation of Visa application on Universitaly

Politecnico di Milano will confirm your name to the Italian Diplomatic representatives through Universitaly portal only once your degree has been verified by Politecnico di Milano with the modalities specified in the section PREPARE DOCUMENTS FOR THE ENROLMENT (plus it's necessary a valid language certificate, which has to be verified by the Admissions Office, and it's compulsory for the enrolment. The original language certificate must be submitted upon arrival).

Diploma Supplement, Declaration of Value and CIMEA Statement of Comparability can be submitted afterwards, in any case not later than November 29th.

All documents must be uploaded as PDF file in your online admission application account, in the "Enrolment documents" section.

Once your visa application is validated, both you and the Italian Representative are notified by e-mail about such validation. From that moment, you can get in touch with the Representative and book an appointment to proceed further.

Should your visa be denied or not ready by the given deadline, you will not be allowed to proceed with your studies. In this case, you will be refunded the amount of the first instalment paid.

Please note: to make sure the refund is successful, it is mandatory to update your bank details at this link in the OnLine Services: Management of payment methods


The visa application procedure depends only on the Diplomatic representatives and Politecnico di Milano cannot interfere with the process.

Politecnico di Milano's validation of students' pre-enrolment on Universitaly website does not confer any rights upon obtaining a visa.