After admission

Congratulations on your admission! Listen to the message from the Mayor of Milan and get ready for your Polimi experience! Please, note that you need to provide your language certificate/s and accept your admission in order to get your admission letter.

COVID19 UPDATES: Starting from September 1st, the Green Pass/Digital COVID Certificate is required to enter the university facilities. Check this page for further updates.

Accept the admission

  • enter your online account
  • click on "Apply to a Master of Science programme (only for international and Italian candidates graduated abroad): Submit online application form, results release and enrolment"
  • select the section "Master of science programme (s) selection" in the box on the left
  • click on the green circle and then on the accept button

Pay the administrative fees

  • enter your online account
  • click on “Apply to a Master of Science programme (only for international and Italian candidates graduated abroad): Submit online application form, results release and enrolment”
  • select the section "Administrative Fee" in the box on the left
  • complete the payment of 165,59 € (one hundred sixty-five euro/fifty-nine)

The administrative fee is non-refundable and will be deducted from the 2nd instalment.

For students admitted to 2021/2022 a.y. the deadline to pay the Administrative Fee is July 6th

Obtain your tax code (codice fiscale) and update your online services

If you are residing in Italy, you can obtain your Tax Code, also online, by addressing the Agenzia delle Entrate (Revenue Agency).

If you are residing abroad at the time of the application, you can refer to the Italian Representative in your country in order to have your Tax Code.

Once your tax code is issued, we warmly suggest you to make sure that your personal details specified in the certificate of attribution match both the ones in your passport, and the ones in your OnLine Services, then type your Tax Code in your OnLine Services and upload the certificate of attribution in the same section (Personal Details). Should you have any difficulties in updating your OnLine Services with your tax code, please refer to the Welcome desk of your home campus for support.

Politecnico di Milano and Agenzia delle Entrate (Revenue Agency) have signed an Agreement thanks to which Tax Codes can be obtained with the support of Politecnico di Milano for its admitted students, provided that they have uploaded their passport (or Identity Card for EU students only) and paid the administrative fee by next July 6th. The same students will receive their Tax Code by the end of July and will be notified by email as soon as it is available.

Tax Code generated on Universitaly website is not official. Please, do not update your OnLine Services with it.

IMPORTANT: The issuing of PoliMi student card is subject to the attribution of the tax code (both the code and its certificate of attribution) in the online services. For this reason, it is necessary to obtain it as soon as possible!

Prepare documents for the enrolment

In order to complete the procedures related to the enrolment you need to provide the original documents listed below. In case of missing documentation, in accordance with the existing rules, Politecnico di Milano will revoke the enrolment.

Politecnico di Milano has an agreement with CIMEA (Information Centre on Academic Mobility and Equivalence) according to which its admitted students can obtain both the Statement of Comparability and Statement of Verification in two weeks only, at a reduced rate, and completely digitally by creating a personal account on MyDiplome. For further details about this, please check CIMEA website.

Please find below the required documents, valid for all students:

  1. Laurea (equivalent to Bachelor) diploma or a graduation certificate issued by a competent office, legalized/Apostilled/accompanied by CIMEA Statement of verification. (*)

  2. Certified academic transcript confirming the examinations passed, or Diploma Supplement, if available; in both cases with legalization/Apostille/CIMEA Statement of Verification - the last one only in case it hasn’t been issued for the Diploma already. (*)

  3. One of the following documents:
    - CIMEA Statement of Comparability;
    - Diploma Supplement issued by a competent office in English (*) if issued by your university;
    - Declaration of value (Dichiarazione di Valore) issued by the competent Italian Diplomatic Representative, related to the Bachelor degree. This document attests the validity of your degree and its correspondence to a first cycle degree, and allows you to pursue your studies in the second cycle.

  4. D type Student visa for Italy (non-EU students residing abroad only)

  5. Original certificate of English language (and Italian language, for students admitted to MSc programmes held in Italian language)

(*) Unless bachelor degree, transcripts or diploma supplement are not issued by the university directly in English, French or Spanish, a translation is mandatory. Politecnico di Milano accepts translations in Italian (preferably), English, French or Spanish.

Please note: translations obtained from translators or Tribunals in Italy will not be accepted.

Declaration of value and legalizations, when necessary, must be obtained by the competent Italian Representatives your University system belongs to (e.g.: for a university with British educational system in Peruvian territory the authorities of reference are those of the UK).

Documents issued in the following countries are completely exempted from any kind of legalization: Austria, Belgium, Denmark (except from Greenland and Far Oer Islands), France, Ireland, Estonia, Latvia (for documents issued from 2010), Cyprus, Germany, Hungary, Poland.

Apply for a student VISA

In order to enrol at Politecnico di Milano, Non-EEA citizens residing abroad need to apply for a Study visa issued by the Italian Diplomatic representatives in the country of residence, regardless of the possibility to attend the classes remotely.

Students who intend to withdraw from their current academic career in an Italian university in order to activate a new one at Politecnico di Milano must apply for a new visa, as the residence permit for study purposes loses its validity in case of withdrawal.

As a consequence, students currently attending a Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) program in an Italian university, having a foreign bachelor degree, and intend to move to another Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) program at Politecnico di Milano, must apply for a transfer from their current university. Please note that transfer is allowed at the beginning of the first semester only.

In order to submit a visa application, it is necessary to create an account on: You can find here a tutorial on how to proceed.

The deadline set by the Ministry of University to complete the visa procedure, including its issuing, is next November, 30th. Please proceed as soon as possible, if you haven’t yet.

Politecnico di Milano will confirm your name to the Italian Diplomatic representatives through Universitaly platform only once you provide a valid language certificate, compulsory for the enrollment. The same language certificate must be submitted in original upon arrival, as well as the other documents requested for the enrolment.

Please note: the student visa must be obtained even in case classes can be attended online, as per our Ministry of University’s guidelines. Students whose visa application will be denied will not be allowed to prosecute with their studies.

As well, students failing in submitting a visa application within the given deadlines, will not be allowed to proceed with their studies at Politecnico di Milano.


The visa application procedure depends only on the Diplomatic representatives and Politecnico di Milano cannot interfere with the process. Should the Italian Representative in your country need clarifications or more details from us, please ask them to contact us directly.

Upload your enrolment documents

As soon as you get the documents required for enrolment (see the section above “Prepare documents for the enrolment”) from the Italian Diplomatic Representative abroad or from CIMEA, and possibly within the end of the enrolment window, please upload the documents as PDF file in your online admission application account, in the "Enrolment documents" section. It would be better to upload such documents before submitting them in original to the office in charge.

Students who have obtained CIMEA “Statement of comparability” and CIMEA “Statement of Verification” of their foreign title, are exempted from assessing their original documents (see section above "Prepare documents for the enrolment").

Students admitted to September 2021 (first semester 2021-22) are invited to upload their enrolment documents by October, 31st, 2021.

PLEASE NOTE: It is possible to complete the online enrolment procedure even in case the enrolment documents are not uploaded yet.

Enrol and submit the documents uploaded

All students must complete an online enrollment within the deadlines and then provide the required documents (see section above "Prepare documents for the enrolment") in person upon arrival. The enrolment can be considered officially over only once the documents have been verified by the office in charge, including the student visa, if necessary.


Students admitted to a Laurea Magistrale programme who have completed the following steps:

  • Acceptance of the admission
  • Uploading of a valid English/Italian language certificate
  • Achievement of final Bachelor degree
  • Payment of the administrative fee
  • Non-EEA students residing abroad > obtainment of student visa.

Please, proceed with the steps above if any of them is missing or incomplete.


Academic Year 2021-2022 (First Semester) 

  • Architecture > July 15th to September 2nd
  • AUIC-Engineering courses* > July 15th to September 15th
  • Design > July 15th to September 2nd
  • Engineering > July 15th to September 15th

[*Building and Architectural Engineering - Building Engineering - Management of Built Environment]

Classes starting on September 13th for all students, with the exception of AUIC courses, starting on September 20th


  1. Enter your online account
  2. Select Apply for a Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to a Master of Science) programme
  3. Confirm/complete your degree information
  4. Pay the first installment (895,20 €) of your first academic year tuition fees. Remember that you must have paid the administrative fees first! 

Merit-based and MAECI/IYT scholarships holders are exempted from the payment of tuition fees (although must pay the administrative fees anyway). This step will therefore not appear in their enrolment procedure.

Can't see the "enroll" button?
If you have updated the information related to your personal details and previous career, and have uploaded a valid language certificate but still cannot enrol, this is due to a formal step your professor must still carry out on your application. Please notice it is just a technical issue that is usually solved within the enrolment deadline; we suggest you to check your pre-application every now and then, until you see the “Enrol” button.

If you need help, you can check this step-by-step tutorial of the enrolment procedure.

PLEASE NOTE: It is possible to complete the online enrolment procedure even in case the enrolment documents are not uploaded yet.

Study plan presentation

The study plan (PDS) is the document that includes the exams you want to take each academic year, expressed in university credits (CFU).

The presentation of the study plan is compulsory and entails the payment of a fine, if done outside the deadlines. Find below the deadlines for presenting your study plan. Please note: the study plan submission can be completed only by students who have also completed the enrolment procedure.


Come to Italy

On arrival info

IMPORTANT: To cope with the Covid-19 pandemic, the Italian Government has imposed some restrictions on travels to Italy.  Please constantly check the Ministry of Public Health website for updates and details. Check this link to find some details about what to do as soon as you arrive in Italy and download this file to get some important tips and practical information.

As far as teaching modalities are concerned, Politecnico di Milano has decided to teach in mixed mode for the second semester of 20/21. This will be similar to the start of the first semester, i.e. in attendance and distance learning.

The courses will consist of some in attendance sessions starting at 10 am, and others delivered remotely, following the measures to contain contagion (spacing, sanitisation of premises, compulsory mask, tracking).

By completing both the enrolment and the study plan submission within the deadlines, you will have the possibility to attend your classes online as long as such classes appear in your study plan.

Documents assessment, passport validation, distribution of student card and wi-fi activation will be organized according to the presence of the students in Milan. You will be promptly informed about terms and how to complete such procedures by the Welcome Desk of your home campus. At the same time, we ask you to let us know, as soon as you can, whether you are planning to come to Italy in February or not.

If you have been admitted to a MSc programme and you need more detailed information about enrolment, stay permit or health insurance, you can contact the offices in charge as follows:

By email:

By chat (only Milano Leonardo and Bovisa students):

On Monday from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm, and on Thursday from 1.30 pm to 4 pm

For further details about accommodation, you can contact: booking-residenze(at)