ISEE (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator)

Academic Year 2023/2024

The ISEE is an indicator of the economic condition of the family and it is issued by the INPS for those with income and assets in Italy. You can request it directly from the INPS Web site (accessing to the specific service, which also provides the pre-compiled mode of the ISEE) or through a CAF (Tax Advice Centre).

What should I do to get an ISEE and what should I do to make it known to Politecnico di Milano?

  1. You must fill out the DSU (Single Self-Declaration) and send it to the INPS, by yourself or through a CAF; when you send the DSU you receive a receipt where you can see the subscription date of the DSU, this date is important, please take note of it!! ATTENTION, you must ask the ISEE "for University use" and it must be linked to the fiscal code of the student that makes the request;
  2. You must access the Online Services (Data > University fees > ISEE) within the deadlines and ask for the benefit you want by showing the subscription date of the DSU (Single Self-Declaration), Politecnico di Milano will ask to the INPS and will obtain a positive or negative answer about ISEE calculation. At the end of calculation, the INPS provides a document called ISEE CERTIFICATE that states the ISEE value. 

After what period of time does the INPS provide the ISEE Certificate?

By law, the INPS takes 10 days to calculate and provide the Certificate.

When I receive the certificate, what do I have to check to be sure that everything is OK?

You must check that: 

  • the certificate shows a submission date of the Single Self-Declaration subsequent to 31st December 2023 for ISEE issued in 2024 (second instalment A.Y. 2023/2024) and subsequent to 31st December 2022 for ISEE issued in 2023 (first instalment A.Y. 2023/2024) 
  • there is the wording "prestazioni agevolate per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario use" with reference to your fiscal code 
  • it must be free of notes referring to omissions/differences found by the INPS

If any irregularity related to what mentioned above will be found, it will be necessary to request a new ISEE certificate and register the related data.

Further info

The current ISEE [Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator] for difficult financial situations

If your household’s financial situation has deteriorated compared to two years ago, you can obtain an update of your tuition fees by requesting a "current ISEE", which allows you to recalculate the ISEE value.

Your current ISEE may be required:

  • when one of the family members has suffered a loss, suspension or reduction of work or remuneration (welfare, social security or indemnity);
  • if a significant change in income (more than 25 per cent) took place;
  • as of 1 April of each year, even where the nuclear family’s net assets have reduced by more than 20%.

You must have already submitted a DSU (Single Substitute Declaration) and received the certificate with the income situation indicator.

Verification of legal conditions to issue the current ISEE is carried out by INPS and CAF (Tax assistance centre).

What you need to do

  • Go to a CAF or go directly to INPS in order to request the current ISEE
  • Enter the signing date of the Single Substitute Declaration submitted to obtain the current ISEE in the Online Services
  • If you have already entered another DSU in the Online Services for the current academic year under which you have already been assigned an income bracket, please contact the Registrar's Office before proceeding with the new registration

Further information

INPS provides a range of useful information on its website:

Students with income and property declared and/or owned abroad or abroad and in Italy

If you have income and assets abroad, or abroad and in Italy, it is not possible to request the ISEE certificate. In this case, to obtain exemptions for student contributions, you must request an equivalent ISEE that is issued by the CAF affiliated with Politecnico di Milano

Please note: through this indicator you cannot request the exemption according to the Law 232/2016 as subsequently amended and supplemented.

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