English OFA (for all programmes)

  • For Engineering, Design and Architecture study programmes, the English OFA are assigned to all students that did not pass the English language test TENG provided in the admission test.
  • For Urban Planning study programmes, the English OFA are assigned automatically to all freshmen or to those students who are coming to the Politecnico di Milano from other universities, except students coming from other programmes of Politecnico di Milano that already passed the English OFA in their previous career. The Politecnico will organise an online English language test session (TENG) around October, and students will be notified via email (registration is free and students can register via the Online Services).


For those students enrolled with English OFA, it will be possible to insert in the study plan only courses of the first academic year of the programme. In particular, until the recovery of the OFA (Additional Educational Obligations), it is not allowed:

  • to add extra courses
  • to add courses from academic year subsequent to the one of enrollment
  • to submit an independent study plan

On the other side, it is possible to insert new attendances of the courses offered in the first year and to attend again courses offered during the first year of the programme.

How to recover English OFA

You can recover English OFA (Additional Educational Obligations) after enrollment through one of the following procedures:

  • RECOGNIZED CERTIFICATE - By submitting, starting from October, a certificate of knowledge of English language among those accepted by the University (see page Certificates recognized)
  • EXTERNAL TESTS - By sitting specific tests at external bodies of Politecnico (these tests, available only for Politecnico students, do not provide any certificate, but allow to recover the OFA) test not valid to recover OFA ENG for the students enrolled to the Laurea programmes held in English. 

To help you recovering the OFA, il Politecnico di Milano organizes English language courses and MOOCs courses for its students.

Academic Year 2021/2022