Politecnico di Milano Mobile Apps

In order to facilitate the access to services through mobile devices, the Politecnico di Milano has developed the following native apps.

Discover Politecnico

It's our app for first-year students. Installing it on your smartphone, with just a tap, you will have all the information you need to make the most of your new life as a student at the Politecnico of Milano. The app has five main sections:

  • Studying: information on courses and other educational activities;
  • Living on campus: facilities for students;
  • Going abroad: international projects and partnerships;
  • Working: job opportunities;
  • Having fun: free-time entertainment that the university offers.

In the tools menu, on the other hand, you can also find what you need in order to get to know the Politecnico. Moreover, you can watch the official university video and find links to all our social networks.

Polimi APP

The app to experience Polimi at 360°:

  • manage your didactic career from a single-entry point, keeping track of study plans, lessons, exams and fees thanks to a proactive and personal agenda
  • receive personalized news based on your interests
  • receive personalized notifications and stay updated on deadlines relevant for you
  • search for classroom and available classroom inside campuses
  • contact the most suitable support service

The application will be progressively enriched.

Info and assistance on Polimi App

Polimi Library

The Polimi Library application allows you to:

  • search the Politecnico di Milano catalogue online
  • check if a book is available
  • define one or more favourite libraries with priority to material here available
  • make borrowing requests for available books and reserve books on loan
  • cancel requests and reservations that do not interest you anymore
  • renew loans online (from three days before the book is due back)
  • view your reader status
  • send suggestions on future purchases to a library

Some advanced functionalities are available:

  • search filters and refining functions through facets: tags, authors, publication year, category, etc.
  • saving personal bibliographies synchronized
  • map of all the University libraries with information
  • sharing favourite titles with social networks

Download the application: