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Conventions and benefits

Pacta dei Teatri

What is it?

PACTA dei Teatri association was born in Milan in 2008. It is subsidised by MIBACT and it is among the 21 most important theatres in Milan, affiliated with the municipality. PACTA salone hosts several shows, events, from classics to contemporary dramaturgy, divided in different projects: DonneTeatroDiritti, ScienzaInScena, pactaSOUNDzone, Vetrina Contemporanea, New Classic, Parapiglia, MostreAlCubo. Literature, music, rights, math and science, poetry and philosophy, different languages to highlight many fields of action.

What are the benefits?

PACTA dei Teatri offers Politecnico community many discounted tickets:

  • on the theatre season (La prosa)
    • for employees: 12,00 € instead of 24,00 €
    • for students: 10,00€ instead of 24,00€
  • on the musical season (La musica – pactaSOUNDzone review)
    for employees and students: 6,00 € instead of 10,00 €

How does it work?

To enjoy the benefits dedicated to Politecnico community, you have to show your university badge/card at the ticket office. You can also buy your ticket online choosing the field RIDOTTO UNIVERSITÁ and using the promo code POLIMI.

For further information


For information on the shows and promotions: 02 36503740  - -

For information on the agreement: