The role of the administration has undergone a significant transformation and continues to do so, at this time when major changes are being made to the university system. This transformation is aimed at helping the administrative structure – already a solid and valid reference compared to other bodies – to improve through ongoing changes in terms of: organization, with a rationalisation of the structure into areas and services, the names of which already infer their similarity to a private model, with choices intended to standardize functions and culture, with methodological principles that provide the technical/administrative staff with awareness towards the culture of results, of working with a spirit of service, of promptness and transversality. The new objectives concerning the administrative structure are based on passing from a bureaucratic and officious approach to a managerial approach, on working for quality services, not limiting oneself to having an instrumental or marginal role, but in making indispensible contributions to the University's development.


The General Director ensures the legality, impartiality, transparency and the smooth running of the university’s administration and is also responsible for the administration. This figure is also involved in the planning, management, direction, coordination and supervision of the technical and administrative staff.

Dr. Eng. Graziano Dragoni

Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32, 20133 Milano
Tel: +39.02.2399.2001 (2243), fax: +39.02.2399.2225

Deputy general Director

Dr. Raffaele Sorrentino

Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32, 20133 Milano
Tel: +39.02.2399.2260, fax: +39.02.2399.2569

Administration Areas and Heads

Administration and Finance

Head: Raffaele Sorrentino
tel. 02.2399.2260
e-mail: raffaele.sorrentino(at) 

Mission: To ensure the protection of the economic, financial and capital fundamentals of the University, through the implementation of policies regarding administrative, accounting, taxes, the budget, planning and overall control, by ensuring compliance with obligations, the optimal management of financial liquidity, accounting integration of the different structures, and decision and information support. Guarantee the monitoring and proper management of University property assets, taking care of the acquisition, the methods of disposal and promoting their development in accordance with the guidelines defined by the Academic Bodies. Oversee risk management through the management of contracts and insurance policies.

Communication and External Relations

Head: Chiara Pesenti
tel. 02.2399.2428
e-mail: chiara.pesenti(at) 

Mission: Protect the overall image of the University and the quality of communication to an internal and external audience. Ensure the planning, coordination and implementation of integrated initiatives, both nationally and internationally, promoting the training and know-how of the University and of the results of teaching, research and related services. Ensure the implementation of cultural and recreational activities for the staff. Manage the careers counselling.

Infrastructures, Estates and General Services

Head: Graziano Dragoni (ad interim)
tel. 02.2399.6936
e-mail: graziano.dragoni(at) 

Mission: Ensure the setting up, planning and implementation of policies, tools procedures, and purchasing processes that ensure compliance with legislative requirements and contractual obligations. Overseeing the management of outsourced service contracts for the supply of goods and ensuring quality levels in line with the needs of the University. Ensure the management of University spaces, in accordance with the needs of the University's various structures and strategies. Ensure the maintenance and management of University heritage sites. Ensure the service management of classrooms; computerized and other common areas. Ensure the management of document flows of incoming correspondence and relative filing and archiving for the University Administration and ensure the required support for other facilities. Ensure the monitoring and development of Polytechnic's Quality Management System. Ensure the development, promotion and management of all the services regarding the bar, catering and vending machines. Ensure the planning, coordination and management of activities in the field of University merchandising; acquisition and delivery of products and services for printing and communication.

Human Resources and Organisation

Head: Raffaele Sorrentino (ad interim)
tel. 02.2399.2001 (2243)
e-mail: raffaele.sorrentino(at)

Mission: Guarantee the setting up, planning and implementation of policies, methodologies and tools of organizational development of management and development of human resources, together with planning and scheduling of staffing needs, in line with University strategies and with the evolution of organizational culture. Ensure the management of labour relations and contribute to the definition of additional agreements, implementing regulations and management tools, in line with the University model. Ensure integration and professional, administrative and organizational support for the structures and for both internal and external customers (departments, faculties, professors), concerning the allocation and legal management of the University faculty members. Guarantee the proper management of the legal-economic, administrative, welfare and social security aspects of all phases of the employment relationship (recruitment, transfers, variations in the relationship, terminations) and other forms of co-operation and the promotion of social initiatives, in line with regulatory requirements and University needs.

Undergraduate and Graduate Students Services

Head: Assunta Marrese
tel. 02.2399.2200
e-mail: assunta.marrese(at) 

Mission: Ensure, in line with the University strategies, the professional, administrative and organizational support of structures, and the those concerned (departments, schools, professors and students), in the management of administrative and educational careers of students and graduate students, the recognition of qualifications, regarding the Right to Education, the planning and integrated delivery of services to support teaching. Ensure the reception and integration of international students and graduate students. Guarantee, through the dedicated structure, the planning and management support of University educational offers (laurea - equivalent to Bachelor of Science - and laurea magistrale - equivalent to Master of Science programmes). Support the definition and ensure the management of the Right to Education benefits (scholarships, 150 hours, fiduciary loans, cultural activities of the students). Ensure professional support, administrative and organizational structures and to internal and external customers (departments, schools, professors), concerning international student mobility programmes. Ensure, through the dedicated structure, administrative management support for the University PhD programme and the support of the Doctoral School.

University Archives and Library System

Head: Chiara Pesenti (ad interim)
tel. 02.2399.2428

Mission: Provide the University (the structures and the academic community as well as external partners) with the availability of an integrated and efficient service, the professional and instrumental resources necessary to best pursue its institutional objectives in terms of library and archive services. In particular, the area of responsibility, consistent with the objectives of the University, the processes related to the management, innovation and development of library services and information-documentation for end users, and for facilities that require these services.

ICT Services

Head: Fabrizio Pedranzini
tel. 02.2399.2377
e-mail: fabrizio.pedranzini(at) 

Mission: Ensure the development and management of integrated applications and services, through the use of ICT, to better support the needs and strategies of the University. Make available, with an adequate level of service, computation and storage resources, and the facilities required for operation: the University information system; systems assigned for hosting the Area of other University facilities or entities affiliated with it. Define and implement, in accordance with current regulations, ICT's Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery for services and applications. Ensure a level of security in compliance with regulatory requirements and appropriate to the needs of the University, analysis of IT risks and implementation of necessary technical and organizational countermeasures. Act as the point of contact for impact assessment of the projects, promoted by the Central Administration or other stakeholders (internal or external to), on the information systems and on the relative infrastructures supporting and supplying services, and, in general, on the use of ICT.

Research Support Services and Didactic Innovation

Head: General Director Graziano Dragoni (ad interim)
tel. 02.2399.2001 (2243)
e-mail: graziano.dragoni(at) 

Mission: To ensure the University (the structures and the academic community as well as external partners) the availability of an integrated and efficient service, professional and instrumental resources needed to best pursue its institutional goals. In particular the area oversees, consistent with University objectives, and with the goal of quality and excellence, processes related to: the allocation and administration of research grants; the identification and promotion of additional funding sources for research; the exploitation of research results with the definition and implementation of policies on intellectual property; management of METID, the centre for the conception, planning, testing and management of innovative tools to support teaching through traditional methods of e-Collaboration and e-Learning to support the strategies of the University; the management of the common access laboratory facilities of the University for all departmental structures.

Development and Relationship with Companies

Head: Federico Colombo (ad interim)
tel. 02.2399.3923

Mission: Referring to the "Third Mission" as a University by ministerial directions, the Area is inserted as an interlocutor to the world of business, Alumni, Donors and Students.

Its goal is to ensure the coordination of integrated marketing initiatives, both nationally and internationally, to guarantee the continuous engagement towards Politecnico di Milano of the indicated stakeholders.

The Area ensures the development, promotion and management of the services offered by Politecnico di Milano concerning the hospitality of students, researchers and professors, guaranteeing the coordination and the realization of the interventions and the related administrative management, in accordance with the University needs and strategies.

Conservation and Building Services

Head: Riccardo Licari
tel. 02.2399.9320
e-mail: riccardo.licari(at) 

Mission: Ensuring the planning and coordination of building development and the valuing real properties, through extraordinary maintenance, restoration and conservation, building renovation and new construction, as defined by the Decree from the President of the Republic no.380/2001, "Consolidated laws and regulations on construction" and global service. These activities may also make use of formulas developed for implementation as mixed contracts, the project finance, and public-private partnerships, in line with the needs of the development and rationalization of space, in relation to the activities of the University and to the strategic and operational objectives defined by Politecnico di Milano Administration, paying continuous attention to the needs of the University. In particular, with respect to the above, the Area will: cooperate with the competent bodies in the drafting of the three-year work programme, for which the head of the Area serves as the executive in charge of programming; prepare the tender procedures for activities of competence; ensure the implementation of the annual list of works of competence; carry out construction work in accordance with regulations, the principles of sustainability, the objectives of reducing energy consumption and ensuring the optimization of the cost/benefit for the University; carry out inspections, monitoring and verification of projects for the execution of works, services and/or supplies, construction sites (inspections on the execution of the works), of property management services, valuation of works constructed (due diligence real estate), inspections on services provided by third parties in favour of the buyer, such as supervisory control in concession contracts or control over service providers, such as the supervision of works; provide services, including applied consulting and training, to third parties, with preference for public bodies on issues of public contracts for works, supplies and services, ensuring the transfer of best practices and acquired know-how.