Student Representatives and Associations

Student Representatives

Students are represented in different bodies of the University. In particular, the representatives elected in the Joint Committee of the Schools, in the Academic Senate and in the Board of Governors, all together they are the Student Council, which proposes and has advisory functions with regard to the bodies of the University on issues under discussion in the Academic Senate and in the Board of Governors. For further information, problems during education or proposal to improve Politecnico you can ask your representatives, they can bring your voice in the official sessions of the bodies.

To know your representatives, visit the web page:
University > Organization > Student Representatives

In addition, there are also student representatives in the Assessment Commission, in the Councils of Regional Campuses, in the Ph.D. School, in the Single Guarantee Committee (CUG).

Student associations

The associations organize events, cultural activities, courses and simplify socialization with other students. Contact the associations of your interest: