Italian Climate

Thanks to the moderating influence of the sea and the protection of the Alps from hilling Northern winds, Italy has a temperate climate.

However, the climate varies considerably from North to South: winters are very cold in the Alps but mild in the South or along the coast. Summer is very hot, especially in the South, and usually dry. Sea breezes mitigate the temperature along the coast while in the mountains the climate is pleasantly cool.

Due to its position, Milano experiences a humid climate with continental characteristics, with cold winters and hot and humid summers. In autumn and spring both sunny weather and rain alternate. Medium temperature during the year can range from 0°C in winter to 35°C in summer. Snowfalls are relatively common during winter and the city is often shrouded in heavy fog. As per the rains, there is a moderate amount of rainy days, even though the winter is relatively dry when compared with the other seasons.