Residence Permit Renewal

In case of renewal of the residence permit, you will be asked to fill out the kit to apply for a residence permit (module 1 only), which is available at the Post Office. The Kit must be handed in at the Post Office together with the following documents:

  • A valid passport with visa + copy of the page with personal data and dates of validity and expiration of the document
  • A copy of your stay permit
  • Copy of the documentation certifying the availability of adequate financial resources: about € 5825 (e.g. scholarship certification and print out of your bank account)
  • Your transcript of records with proof of 1 exam successfully passed in case of the 1st renewal and 2 exams successfully passed for each following renewal. If you are asking for a renewal after having completed all your exams, you should include, in the notes of your certificate, which are the final degree presentation sessions you can take advantage of (usually, April, July, October, December).
  • Your health insurance