The maximum score you can achieve is 100.00 and is expressed to the second decimal place.

To enter the programme, in the TOL you sit in the year 2024 you must achieve a minimum score , rounded to the nearest integer, equal to or greater than 30.00.

Scoring and assigning of an English OFA

The score is calculated automatically by awarding:

  • 1 point for every correct answer
  • -0.25 points for every incorrect answer
  • 0 points for every answer not given

and awarding

  • 1/3 weighting to each English question
  • 2.6 weighting to each Reasoning, Mathematics and Statistics question
  • 3 weighting to each Verbal Comprehension question
  • 2 weighting to each Physics question

If you would like to know the criteria for calculating your final test score in detail, please refer to Art. 3.6 of the Call for Admissions.

The outcome of your test and the assignment of any OFA (Additional Educational Obligations)will be visible in your Online Services within 15 working days from the date on which you took the test. You will receive an e-mail informing you of the publication.

Go to > Laurea (equivalent to a Bachelor of Science) and five-year single-cycle programmes: entrance or recovery tests and enrolment > Test result and enrolment.
Click on the date you took the test to find out the score details.

English OFA

An English OFA (Additional Educational Obligations) is assigned when, taking into account only the English section, the number of correct answers is less than 24.

Candidates enrolling in programmes delivered in English will automatically be assigned an English OFA.

There are some limitations for the study plan of enrolling students who have been assigned an English OFA.

For more information and how to fulfil English OFAs see the page OFA ENG.

How the rankings work

For access to the second, third and fourth enrolment phases, special rankings will be drawn up for allocating the available places, calculated on the basis of enrolments made in the previous phases.

The rankings are based on the best TOL and TOLC-I (CISIA) scores converted, considered to the second decimal place, and recorded within the deadlines , and on the basis of the preferences expressed by all candidates.

The ranking of candidates is established on the basis of their scores, the places available for each enrolment phase and the order of preferences expressed.

In case of a tie in test scores, the highest score achieved in the "Reasoning, Mathematics and Statistics" section of the TOL / TOLC-I tests prevails; if the tie still persists, the highest score achieved in the "Verbal Comprehension" section prevails; in the case of a further tie, the highest score achieved in the "Physics" section prevails; finally, in the event of a further tie, the youngest student prevails. 

Italian OFA

If you are an international student enrolled in the Three-year Laurea programme (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) in Civil Engineering - EN,  you must sit an Italian proficiency test and you will be enrolled with an Italian OFA.

You must demonstrate your Italian language proficiency before sitting your final degree exam and finishing your study programme.
Certain categories of students may be exempted from demonstrating their proficiency in Italian.

For more information go to the Italian OFA page.


In each ranking, you may be assigned to a specific programme as follows:  

you are eligible foryour first preferred programme and there are still places available in it > you must enrol 

you are eligible fora programme that is not your first preference and still has places available > you may enrol or express your interest in being considered in the next ranking 
If you do not enrol or express your interest in being considered in the next ranking within the deadline and in accordance with the prescribed procedure, you will be considered to have withdrawn at the current phase

you are not eligible for any of your preferred programmes as according to the published ranking, all places available in these programmes have already been assigned to or reserved for other candidates >you cannot enrol and you can express your interest in being considered in the next ranking. If you do not express your interest in being considered in the next ranking within the deadline and in accordance with the prescribed procedure, you will be considered to have withdrawn at the current phase

you have no chance of entering Politecnico in the current phase as there are no available places left on your preferred programmes for the  2024/2025 academic year. 
However, in this case you may ask to be considered in any subsequent phases.

Taking into account the order of the preferences expressed and the score obtained by the candidate, his/her ranking positions will not be processed with regard to the preferences following the one for which he/she is eligible for enrolment. 

Enrolment phases

For enrolment in Engineering, there are four separate enrolment phases.

Publication date of rankings

FIRST PHASE: EARLY ENROLMENT: without ranking (you can enrol  from 6 May to 13 June)             
SECOND PHASE   Publication date of rankings 
First ranking24 June 2024
Second ranking1 July 2024
Third ranking8 July 2024
Fourth ranking15 July 2024
Fifth ranking22 July 2024
THIRD PHASE         Publication date of rankings  
First ranking5 August 2024
Second ranking26 August 2024
FOURTH PHASE      Publication date of rankings  
First ranking2 sSeptember 2024


To find out the enrolment deadlines for each ranking go to the page: