Diploma Supplement

The Diploma Supplement, or DS, is a document that complements the official qualification awarded upon completion of a study programme at a university or higher education institution. The DS describes the nature, level, framework, content and status of the studies undertaken and completed by the student following the eight-point model, developed on the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO's initiative.

Regulatory references

The Diploma Supplement was introduced into the Italian university system by Ministerial Decree - 509 of 1999, article 11, paragraph 8, and maintained by Ministerial Decree no. 270 of 2004 in the same article and paragraph.

With Ministerial Decree of 28 December 2010, published in the Official Gazette no. 3 of 5 January 2011, the Ministry replaced the term "certificate" used in art. 11, paragraph 8, of Ministerial Decree no. 509 of 3 November 1999, and in the subsequent amendments and supplements with the expression "information report."

Directorial Decree of 5 February 2013 no. 201 sets out the new guidelines for compilation. This Decree adopts the Ministerial guidelines to conform to those used across Europe.

Further info

For further information on the DS consult the website on the European Higher Education Area and the Bologna Process.

For the methods to issue the Diploma Supplement see the dedicated page.