Exchange programmes

Politecnico di Milano has exchange agreements with the most qualified universities in Europe and worldwide.  Each year hundreds of exchange students enjoy quality in teaching and research within the areas of Engineering, Architecture and Design. The International Mobility Unit supports them before, during and after the exchange period in Milan.


APPLICATIONfrom 1st April to 15th Mayfrom 1st October to 15th November
NOMINATIONwithin 15th Maywithin 15thNovember
ACCEPTANCEend of Junemid December
WELCOME WEEKbeginning of Septemberend of February
EXAMS SESSIONJanuary/FebruaryJune/July
CHECK OUTbefore leaving PoliMibefore leaving PoliMi
TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS (TOR) and CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCEavailable online after all exams are correctly recordedavailable online after all exams are correctly recorded

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for an exchange period at Politecnico di Milano you have to contact the international office of your home institution first and ask them for information, since each partner university has its own pre-selection process with specific pre-requisites and timing.

You may apply from 1st April to 15th May for Autumn arrivals and from 1st October to 15th November for Spring arrivals.

If you have been selected by your home institution you are invited to

  1. register in order to get person code and password (New User? Register). It is mandatory to upload a valid identity document (ID card or passport, the driving licence is not accepted) – max size 2MB and to indicate your home address.
  2. get access to the online application and complete all five parts of the application form. The first part imports data from the registration (step 1) and is already completed, but please check the correctness.
    As final step you will be required to upload: 
  • your most recent Transcript of Records (max. size 2MB)
  • for Architecture and Design students only: portfolio (max. size 2MB)

Please note: you may log in even after the deadline (using your person code and password) in order to check how your application proceeds (nomination by home university, acceptance as exchange student).

Once you have applied your home university has to confirm your selection by officially nominating you through our Nomination Tool in the Online Services. 

Only applications from students who have been officially nominated by their home university will be considered. 

Remember that the Italian educational system is 3 years BSc + 2 years MSc. If you are enrolled in your 4th year at your home institution you should apply for a MSc course at Polimi.


Once you will be accepted by Politecnico di Milano, you will receive a confirmation message. The same message will be sent to the contact person at your home university that you indicated in the application.

formal acceptance letter for exchange students can be downloaded by authorized staff (nominators) at your home university.

After your acceptance, you are assigned a matriculation number. Please follow these instructions to set up your student profile in the Online Services.

VISA (for non-EU students only)

Non-EEA citizens residing abroad need to apply for a Study visa issued by the Italian Diplomatic representatives in the country of residence.

In order to submit a visa application, it is necessary to create an account on: You can find here a tutorial on how to proceed.

Politecnico di Milano will confirm your name to the Italian Diplomatic representatives through Universitaly platform only once you are accepted.

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