After the enrolment a.y. 2021/2022

Welcome events

During the months of April and May 2021, the virtual Open Days for all Laurea (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) new students at the Politecnico di Milano took place with a rich series of initiatives. In this page you can review the videos of the meetings: Open Days 2021.

See also the welcome and orientation activities for international students just enrolled in a Laurea Magistrale programme (equivalent to Master of Science)

Study Plan

Presentation of the study plan is mandatory. This can be done by logging into the Online Services, with your personal code and password, and selecting "Study Plan - Presentation".

Attention: if you are a first-year student of the Laurea (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) Study Programme in Architectural Design or of the Single Cycle 5 years (equivalent to Master of Science) Study Programme in Building Engineering - Architecture, you must NOT enter the Study Plan at the beginning of the year because it will be automatically entered.

The number of university credits (CFU) inserted in the study plan affects the fees and contributions that you must pay with the second fee instalment.

The study plan must be submitted on an annual basis. Only for Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) students, if you enrol in the second semester the study plan is only valid for the portion relating to that period.

The deadline for submitting the study plan varies, based on the School. If you do not submit the study plan in time, you will be charged a €100.00 fine to be paid with the second fee instalment.

Further info

Student card - Policard

After verifying that the data entered by the Registrar’s Office is correct, you will be sent home your Policard, with which you can avail of the services provided by Politecnico di Milano. In the meantime, you can access the services by showing the supervisory staff your enrolment receipt together with an identity document or a certificate of registration.

Lecture Timetable

A few days before the start of lectures, by logging into the Online Services with your personal code and password, and selecting "Lecture timetable", you can check where and where the lectures relating to your study plan are held. As regards the textbooks, we suggest you wait for specific instructions from the lecturers at the start of each course.

Safety training course

Each student is required to attend and pass the "Basic safety training course". The course is entirely online and can be accessed through the personal page of the Online Services. In case it will be required to have further qualifications to access specific laboratories or to carry out specific activities, all related information will be provided by the reference professor.

Registrations to years except the first one

To enrol to years except the first one, you have to pay the first instalment of university tuition fees of the ongoing academic year and to submit the application for the ongoing academic year (within the deadlines provided for the 1st instalment). For further information about the payment of the instalment please check the tuition fee section.