How to submit the Study Plan

Attention: the following pages are subject to revision and will be updated as soon as possible for the academic year 2023/2024

To submit the Study Plan, within the period indicated in the "Deadlines" section, access the Online Services and from the Career section choose the "Study Plan - Presentation" function.

You can fill in the Study Plan by selecting the proposed courses based on the teaching offer of your Course, entering courses for a minimum of 30 ECTS credits and a maximum of 80 ECTS credits per year. It is possible to submit a Study Plan that includes courses for less than 30 ECTS only in specific situations such as: students without OFA; students nearing the end of their studies; students who enroll in a Master's Degree course in the second semester (for the latter category the minimum limit is 15 ECTS).


Online Procedure to submit the Study Plan

Through the specific Online Services function available to submit the Study Plan (Online Services > Career > Study Plan - Presentation), you will find several screens.

On the first screen (WARNINGS) you will find a list of information, including:

  • Academic Calendar (where you can find the submission date of the Plan and the half-year change, if provided);
  • Service Communication related to your educational path;
  • School Communication that allows you to directly access your School's notices and Educational rules;
  • Information on how to draw up a Study Plan (general summary information about Study Plan submission and a tutorial video about submission procedure).

On the second screen, which appears when you press the NEXT button, you will find different data depending on your course, which may be:

  1. DEFINITION OF PREVIOUSLY APPROVED STUDENT PLAN AND/OR LAUREA (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) CLASS for Schools that provide for this, in some cases the definition of an order of preference may be required.  
  2. ACQUIRED ATTENDANCES Two tables are displayed here:
  • one with the list of passed exams and next to each element of the plan you will find, depending on what you can do, the symbol of two arrows that join together and that serves to move the position of the course from ACTIVE to EXTRA or vice versa, or the symbol of a red X which is used to delete the course from the previous plan so that you can re-enter it from scratch in the study plan (pay attention to the tuition fee amount).
  • one with the examinations you have not yet passed, which you can only self-certify if you are waiting for the results to be registered or if the date of the appeal for which you were regularly enrolled has already passed.

On the third screen ( STUDY PLAN COMPILATION) you are first shown the summary of the attendances acquired and the buttons with which you can proceed to submit your plan. 

You will therefore be able to enter in your Study Plan:

Required courses

Courses provided for by the regulations of the Laurea (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) in which you are enrolled and which contribute to the achievement of credits for the final qualification. To enter them, select the icon with the green 'Actual courses' trolley and tick the square to the left of each course.  

Independent courses

Courses that in most cases belong to different Laurea/previously approved student plan courses from the one in which you are enrolled, but still count towards the credits required to obtain your qualification. Their inclusion in the Plan must be approved by the Course Council. To enter them, select the icon with the red "Indipendent" trolley and in the bar that appears indicate the name of the course or the relevant code, which you can find in the Educational Rules – Regulations.

Courses as extra

Courses that do not count towards the total number of credits required for the qualification; they are optional and therefore do not contribute to the calculation of the average grade. They contribute, however, to the maximum limit of 80 ECTS credits laid down for the annual study plan, and are included in the amount of ECTS credits that determine the amount of the all-inclusive contribution. If passed, they are listed on the certificates with examinations which you can request. To enter the exams into the plan, select the icon with the purple "Extra" trolley. In the bar that appears, enter the name of the course or the course code.

You can sit as extra exams until the day before the degree exam sessions and not after that date. The as extra exams can be substituted in the first available session after enrollment in Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science), if attendance has been validated.

It is possible to change an exam from "required" to "as extra" and vice versa, for courses that are part of Study Plans approved in previous years, in compliance with the limitations provided by the educational rules, only in the submission period of the Study Plan at the beginning of the first semester and this implies that you must enroll in the new academic year.


  • please check the Educational Rules of your study programme to verify if there are any limits to the inclusion of specific as extra courses
  • there is no guarantee that exams passed "as extra" will be recognized in case of subsequent admission application to Laurea (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) and Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) Study programmes that have those exams in their educational offer
  • Always remember to save and print the confirmation receipt of the Study Plan
  • During the presentation time window you can overwrite your choices whenever you want but remember that the system does not take into account any changes already saved but always restarts from the last approved Study Plan

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