Degree Examination

Academic year 2018/2019

You must sit for the Degree Examination (or the final exam) in order to graduate. Those who are eligible to register for the Degree Examination are students who have:

  • acquired the ECTS required by the Programme’s Educational Regulations (excluding those attributed to the final exam) and the ECTS related to the curricular internship (if provided for in the Educational Regulations)
  • undertaken the possible assessment of proficiency in the English language (*)

(*) As envisaged for courses in the applicable educational system prior to Ministerial Decree 270

Preparatory or supplementary activities to the final exam

Preparatory or supplementary activities to the final exam may be required for some programmes. If the preparatory/supplementary activity is included as part of a course, the associated part will also be registered in the record of the course’s score report.

Calendar of Degree Examinations and deadlines for registration

Check the academic calendar, the deadlines section and your School or Campus’ website.

How to register

Through Online Services access the "Registration for Degree Exam Sessions" function (which is only active for students who are eligible to graduate in the current academic year) and proceed as follows:

  • fill out the degree application
  • fill out the questionnaire on the educational course’s assessment (anonymously and intended for the Ministry)
  • print the form for the payment of the expected expenses (as well as any other amounts due)

We recommend that you print the registration receipt at the end of the online procedure.

The expenses required to access the degree exam for the Academic Year 2018/2019 amount to 62.00€ for the first registration, and to 16.00€ for subsequent registrations. Any other sums due from students who are in arrears with payments will be added to this figure. Payment must be made within the deadline set for submission of the degree application by means of the payment IUV form available in the application registration.

The payment must be made also in case of withdrawal from the degree exam session. If not paid, the amount will be required in following registrations.

Attention: It is not possible to proceed with filling out the application if all the sections of the Curriculum Vitae intended for Career Service are not properly filled out.

Delivery of dissertations and graduation essays

Laurea Triennale (equivalent to Bachelor of Science)

The online submission of the Graduation Essay is not provided to students of the Schools of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering (AUIC) and Design. A submission may be provided to students of the Schools of Engineering and for the students enrolled into the CCS of Building and Construction Engineering of the AUIC School, depending on the procedures specified for each single CCS: for further details please refer to the websites of the AUIC School for the CCS IEC and of the Departments or Campuses for the other Engineering Schools.
The Building and Construction Engineering course (IEC) of the AUIC School follows all the Engineering CCS' rules.

Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science)

The online delivery of the dissertation is always required for students in the Laurea Magistrale programme. The submission of the dissertation’s pdf file must take place after having registered for the degree exam sessions and within the deadline set by the academic calendar, by means of the special Online Services function (Registration/withdrawal degree exam sessions/POLITesi). The supervisor shall approve the dissertation within the deadline set and always through Online Services.

Students about to graduate are invited to check the institutional e-mail box ( for communications regarding the procedure for the submission/approval of online dissertations.

These rules also apply to students about to graduate from the old educational system, with the sole stipulation that Engineering Students in the Old Educational System who submit coursework or a graduation essay should not submit it online.

How the degree examination takes place

Graduating students are required to turn up for the final exam in the classroom and at the time indicated on Online Services and in the specific notice published on each School’s website.

Schools normally structure graduation day in two distinct stages (the two stages coincide in the case of the AUIC School):

  • presentation and discussion of the Graduation Essay: the final exam of some programmes includes opportunities for discussion and assessment in the days before but, in any case, graduating students must register for the degree exam session normally and must appear before the Examination Committee
  • proclamation: the moment in which the Committee officially announces all candidates’ graduation, with the announcement of the final marks and the conferral of the Degree Parchment

Degree Score

The degree score is expressed using a 110-point scale and is formed by the sum of two elements:

  • the average score obtained in the coursework (weighted on the educational credits, without considering any supernumerary activities and honours)
  • the increment allocated by the Committee

The increment may vary from -1 (minus one) point out of one hundred ten to 8 points out of one hundred ten. For the single-cycle degree (five years) in Architectural Engineering, the increment’s maximum value is equal to 10 points out of one hundred ten. Other limitations relating to the increment may be established by the supplementary regulations of the Schools and Programmes. The sum is rounded to the nearest integer (0.50 is rounded to 1). The degree’s minimum score is 66/110 (60/100 for students in the old educational system). The Committee may also award honours.

Degree certificate

The Degree Parchment is conferred on the day of the Degree Exam Date. However, the degree certificate must be requested by the student (see certificates page).



  • Specific regulation on the degree examination/final exam (on your School's website)
  • Your programme’s educational rules (on your School's website)
  • Rules on copyright law (on the libraries' website)
  • Submission deadlines and online approval of dissertation (on the Tedoc website)
  • The list of official photographers is available here


  • Information on the preparatory educational activity for the final exam is to be requested from the supervising professor
  • Information on the final exam’s organisation is to be requested from the professor, from the Departmental Secretary or from the School you belong to