Desks and offices for students

It is possible to contact the Registrar’s Office through the "Contacts for students" system:

Contacts for students

The system allows:

  • those who have registred to Online Services:
    • to send an e-mail
    • to chat with an operator
    • to book an appointment face-to-face, at our desks; or for a remote meeting (telephone or video call)
  • those who have not yet registered to Online Services:
    • to send an e-mail (it will be necessary to provide for an e-mail address where to receive the reply)

Sending an e-mail

The sending of e-mails takes place, initially, through an online form: in this way, the system directs requests to specialized operators on the subject in question. After this first contact, the subsequent exchanges take place through the normal email management systems.

Chatting with an operator

The system allows - on the days and at the scheduled times - to chat with an operator or with a student tutor. The timetable of this service can be found on the following webpage.

Face-to-face and "remote" appointments

The “appointment booking service” allows both the booking of a face-to-face appointment, and the booking of a remote appointment:

  • upon booking a face-to-face appointment, on the day and at time of the appointment please go to the office situated at the address stated on the receipt
  • upon booking a remote appointment, you will be contacted by the staff of the office you made the appointment with, either at the mobile phone number provided or via Teams. Appointments with the Financial Aid Service will be managed via Teams.

Book an appointment

To book an appointment with the International Students office  click here  and select APPLY TO POLITECNICO DI MILANO - Requirements for students with International degree

Registrar's Office

Milano Leonardo (via Golgi 42 - see map) and Milano Bovisa (via Lambruschini 15 - see map) campuses

Fax 02.2399.2209

You must book an appointement through the Online Services or Polimi App.


  • Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30-15:00: face to face appointments
  • Wednesday, 9:30-15:00: remote appointments (you will be contacted by phone on the Italian mobile phone you have entered wihin your Online Services) 
  • Friday, 9:30-12:30: remote appointments (you will be contacted by phone on the Italian mobile phone you have entered wihin your Online Services) 

For the other campuses: visit the campus' website

Other Services

200 hours positions and Tutoring

Cultural activities and trips

Campus Life - Community Life and Merchandising Unit
Politecnico di Milano – Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci 32 Milano (building 3)
Hours: from Monday to Friday 9:30-12:30

DSU Scholarships

Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci, 32 – Building 3 – Reception days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9.30-12.30 only for those students who have booked an appointment through the Online Services or Polimi.

Non DSU scholarships - Graduation awards

Send an email to:

International Prospective and Freshmen Students

Counselling and psychological support

State exam for professional practice


Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32 - Building 1 "Rectorate"
Hours: from Monday to Friday 9:00-17:00

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Job & Internship

Undergraduate guidance

Discounted accommodation